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In-depth analysis of the big issues impacting Governments, Authorities, Airlines and ANSPS.

Rohde & Schwarz end-to-end communications for mission control

ILA 2022: Rohde & Schwarz is shaping the future with trusted end-to-end communications for mission control

Saab and ATECH Team for Digital Tower

Saab and ATECH Team up to Bring Digital Tower to Brazil and Latin America

Alex Bristol CEO, skyguide appointed Chair of CANSO

CANSO announces new Chair, Alex Bristol, CEO, Skyguide

fello'fly wins Overall Excellence Award for ATM/UTM Awards

ATM Magazine and Unmanned Airspace announce the winners of the 2021 ATM/UTM Awards

CAELUM and FREQUENTIS partner to develop solutions for South Korean UTM market

Frequentis and Caelum to partner to bring UTM and UAM solutions to South Korea

ATCA Global – Airspace Integration Event is Coming to Washington, D.C.

Revamped ATCA Annual Conference as the ATCA Global Conference and Expo to expand to a worldwide audience

NAV CANADA announced a 12-month evaluation of iTEC with NATS, Avinor and Indra

NAV CANADA today announced it is commencing a 12-month evaluation of iTEC in collaboration with NATS, Avinor and Indra

CATS Global Council launches roadmap for the Skies of 2045

CATS Global Council launches the roadmap to deliver the Skies of 2045


CAAS, OSTIN, SITA AND STARTICAL announce trial for satellite communication between pilots and ATCOs

ADB SAFEGATE and Searidge Technologies announce MOU

New innovation acceleration partnership to provide future-proof solutions


WANTED: Airspace guardian of the future…

As Egis celebrates 50 years in aviation, we publish a new discussion paper imagining the long-term future of aviation and what relevance air traffic management might have within it.

Prioritising safety in unmanned aircraft system traffic management

Drones are proliferating throughout the world’s airspace, making them impossible to ignore. As their numbers rise, the importance of finding a way for them to safely coexist with manned aircraft is growing increasingly urgent.

Learn More About Tower Solutions

As civilian air traffic continues to grow, airports must increase efficiency and manage more complex operations, while improving safety and compliance.

ATM-grade networks

Achieving safe, efficient, future-ready air traffic control Communications Frequentis was instrumental in introducing ATM-grade networks to the air traffic control industry, and continues to invest in taking them to the next level.