ENAV, through its subsidiary IDS AirNav – global provider of aeronautical information management systems – has been awarded a contract worth 1.95 million euro in Colombia to provide the Colombian air navigation service provider (UAEAC – Unidad Administrativa Especial de Aeronáutica Civil) software systems, operational start-up and maintenance of the aeronautical information service (AIS). 

The contract, lasting 20 months, is part of the evolution of the AIM (Aeronautical Information Management) system and provides for the transition from the traditional AIS (Aeronautical Information Service) to AIM by updating the systems currently in use thanks to the innovative technologies of IDS AirNav. 

The new technology of IDS AirNav will allow the Colombian service provider to have a latest generation digital platform, able to manage data to ensure safety and punctuality for all flights. 

Thanks to the new system, it will be possible for UAEAC to effectively manage and publish all the static and dynamic data essential for air traffic control, such as the NOTAM (NOtice To AirMen), necessary to communicate useful information for navigation to the aeronautical community, flight plans, aircraft flight plans, weather data, the various bulletins that are issued and all the flow of airport data and air navigation obstacles. In particular, these latter services are processed by the IDS e-TOD suite (electronic Terrain and Obstacle Data-set), which guarantees the management of maps and data relating to orography and obstacles, which is also necessary to design the routes near airports in accordance with the international requirements of the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization). 

The new contract consolidates the position of the ENAV Group in South America, with its systems already operational in Brazil, Venezuela, Chile and Argentina.