This Just In

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Open Season?

As the aviation industry gets ‘smarter,’ cybersecurity vulnerabilities threaten the nation’s airspace, according to several expert alumni from US Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. On April 15, 2015, self-proclaimed … More ››

A Remote Review

The great and good of air traffic management gathered in Madrid last month for the World ATM Congress. All anyone could talk about was remote … More ››

One Vision

Steve Creedy meets Airservices Australia’s new chief executive Jason Harfield, a man who came up through the ranks and is now leading a significant transformation … More ››

All Together Now

Air Traffic Management interviews Massimo Garbini, the industry chief charged with deploying the technology framework underpinning the Single Sky, Europe’s ambitious bid to overhaul the … More ››

At The Crossroads

Is the Network Manager the problem; or is it the solution, asks Aimée Turner? Europe’s Network Manager chief Joe Sultana insists that the Brussels-based organisation … More ››

AIRR Apparent

After telegraphing their intent to do so for the past half year, the United States’s House transportation committee chair Bill Shuster and aviation subcommittee chair … More ››

Glitch In Time

Last week, a software glitch caused the GPS system to broadcast incorrect time signals. This post looks at the impact, and how organisations that depend … More ››

Eyes On The Prize

With 700,000 small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) or “drones”, purchased in 2015 alone, you’re sure to see one in your area soon, writes Twig Mowatt. … More ››

On Queue

A model that predicts time from gate departure to takeoff could cut airport congestion and fuel waste, reports Jennifer Chu from MIT. Most frequent fliers … More ››