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China, Hong Kong to team on Pearl River Delta

China and Hong Kong aviation authorities are too work together to improve airspace management in the Pearl River Delta. Hong Kong’s director-general of civil aviation … More ››

ATC providers team on South American initiative

Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay have agreed to cooperate in integrating their air navigation systems with a view to extending the effort to all South American … More ››

London City launches UK’s first digital tower

London City Airport has announced it is to become the first UK airport to build and operate a digital air traffic control tower, with a … More ››

Europe’s regionals resisting equipage deadline

Europe’s regional airlines are resisting 2018 equipage deadlines forcing them to upgrade to enhanced Mode S and ADS-B ‘OUT’ avionics. In pursuit of a common infrastructure across … More ››

Work underway at Tallinn Area Control Centre

Estonia’s EANS has concluded terms on extending its air traffic control centre in Tallinn. According to the contract, 1,600 sq m will be added to … More ››

Leesburg prepares for remote tower testing

Virginia’s Leesburg Executive Airport will be testing remote tower technology this summer, requiring operators flying under both VFR and IFR to contact the tower. The … More ››

FAA outlines emerging airspace drone strategy

Two notional scenarios NASA is exploring to integrate drones into US airspace include both a portable model that would move between geographical areas and a … More ››

Ireland’s IAA launches E-STRIPS at Dublin

The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) deployed a new Electronic Flight Strips system, E-STRIPs supplied by Saab, at Dublin ATC tower on May 17. Saab E-STRIPS is … More ››

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Commuting A320 SFI role in Jakarta

Commuting A320 SFI role in Jakarta

A320 Captain Jetstar Pacific Airlines(Immediate Sc

A321 TRI/TRE Vietnam Airlines

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The Aviation API Economy

Alex Brooker recounts lessons from bringing operational SWIM to a wider market There is a lot of talk in the technology sector around the API … More ››

Photo showing Alex Sauriol, chief technology officer, Searidge; Moodie Cheikh, chief executive, Searidge; Martin Rolfe, chief executive, NATS; Neil Wilson, president and chief executive, Nav Canada
RTwr: Digital Deal

Earlier this month, NATS, the UK based air traffic management company, launched a landmark partnership with Nav Canada with both parties taking an equal 50 per … More ››

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