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BULATSA seeks SESAR deployment support

Bulgaria’s BULATSA has launched a call for expression of interest for consultancy expertise to advise on Single European Sky technology deployment. This call for expression … More ››

Russia plans 2025 free route airspace strategy

Russia plans to create free route airspace to optimise flight trajectories and reduce flight time by 2025, reports Izvestia. The programme features in a draft strategy to develop the … More ››

Flight data details Air Canada SFO near-miss

VIDEO Data provided by FlightAware showing the position of the four aircraft on the taxiway of a San Francisco airport show how close an Air Canada aircraft came to … More ››

FAA targets autumn for airport drone zones

Fifty airports, including Miami International and Phoenix Sky Harbor, will soon applying the FAA’s Low Altitude Authorisation and Notification Capability (LAANC) system, which aims to cut the … More ››

DANS posts air traffic details for June

Dubai Air Navigation Services reports that the latest air traffic movement figures for June indicates a total volume of 41,589 movements in Dubai and northern Emirates’ airspace. … More ››

Rohde & Schwarz ATC voice over IP comms selected by NATS for London City digital tower

Rohde & Schwarz has been selected by UK air traffic service provider NATS to supply and install the R&S VCS-4G voice communications system for the London City … More ››

ATO spin-off allows for future remote technology

A revamped Air Traffic Organization would have both the resources and the incentive to embrace the safer and more cost-beneficial use of remote tower technology, … More ››

US AIRR spin-off vote faces possible delays

A bill to reauthorise the FAA and privatize air traffic control has been delayed in the US House of Representatives, and the bill did not appear … More ››

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B1 / B2 - A320, B737NG or A330 Engineers required - Ireland!

B1 Licensed Engineer

A320 B757.767 E170.190 Pilots

A320 Captains

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David Hughes of the FAA NextGen Outreach and Reporting team offers a comprehensive rundown of what the FAA is doing on PBN right now  NextGen … More ››

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The Reason Foundation’s Bob Poole assesses the White House’s ATC reform principles At a gala White House event on June 5th, the Administration made its … More ››

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