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Airways Ed Sims elected CANSO Chair

Ed Sims, CEO of Airways New Zealand, has been elected as its chairman of the Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation (CANSO). Over 220 delegates from … More ››

Slovenia, Eurocontrol end ADaaS shadow ops

Shadow operations of live air traffic under the responsibility of Ljubljana area control centre have successfully been conducted at Slovenia Control, using the remote data … More ››

US opens test lab to streamline air travel

A new airspace technology demonstration – part of a five-year test project aimed to streamline the arrival and departure of aircraft and improve surface operations … More ››

Brexit fallout for Single Sky remains unclear

The industry fallout caused by the Brexit vote of the United Kingdom to leave the European Union will take some time to become clear but … More ››

LFV, Saab plan multiple remote tower ops

Sweden’s LFV and Saab have signed an agreement to upgrade the software at LFV remote tower centre in Sundsvall, introducing new functions that will support … More ››

Radar modification to unlock new wind power

A solution to help mitigate the impact of wind turbines on radar performance, known as Project RM, has been successfully implemented at the Great Dun … More ››

FAA struggling to staff air traffic control

The United States aviation authority is planning to hire more than 3,400 controllers over the next two years to offset expected retirements but faces significant … More ››

Seamless routes over northern Europe launch

Airspace users can from today enjoy seamless Free Route Airspace across NEFAB East (Estonia, Finland, and Latvia) and DK/SE FAB (Denmark and Sweden), enabling them … More ››

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B1/B2 - A320 Engineer required - UK Contract

A340 First Officer- China Airlines

A320 Ground/Technical Instructor Freelance

Active Operations Control Centre Officer

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Surface Tension

Many major European airports are unable to expand. This means that aircraft departures, arrivals and surface traffic movements will have to be accelerated. A Norwegian … More ››

In Denial

The United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is working now to develop a backup system to be used by service members in the event … More ››

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