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Airservices best practice on noise recognised

Australia’s efforts to reduce the impact of aircraft noise and engage with communities on noise issues have been recognised in a report jointly released by … More ››

Thales navigation aids for Iraq’s Najaf

Thales has been awarded a contract to supply one instrument landing system with distance measuring equipment (ILS/DME) and all related services for Najaf Al-Ashraf International … More ››

Air Traffic Management is here! Download a copy today – FREE!

The latest issue of Air Traffic Management is out! Keep abreast of the significant developments and technological innovations happening within the global air traffic management … More ››

China launches aircraft tracking cube satellites

China has launched the first of three cube satellites to help track civilian airliners, according to a report citing the Xinhua news agency. The three … More ››

Aircraft are highly vulnerable to cyber attack: Ky

Europe’s top aviation safety chief has warned that hackers could maliciously infiltrate an aircraft’s critical systems. Speaking to French aviation journalists on Thursday, Patrick Ky, … More ››

Free routeing wins climate change credit

The Free Route Airspace Maastricht and Karlsruhe project spanning the airspace over Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands has been commended for saving tonnes of … More ››

Virtual control tower for Fort Collins-Loveland

Fort Collins-Loveland Municipal Airport has been selected as the official test facility for a new air traffic control system by the Federal Aviation Administration. The … More ››

Frequentis, Geolantis seal strategic partnership

Two Austrian high-tech companies, CNS Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of Frequentis, and Geolantis, a software developer for modern geoinformation solutions, are teaming up to … More ››

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***A330 Captain with Hong Kong Airlines***

B737NG Captain with Turkish Airlines – Permanent Contract ( 3 DAY ASSESSMENT )


Sales Executive, Aviation

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Reference Points

Peter Gutierrez outlines the navigation backbone of space-based air traffic management and the deployment issues involved Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), which include most famously … More ››

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Strength in Numbers

Early engagement by the regulatory community will prove crucial in the effective deployment of next generation technologies as will the forging of enduring partnerships between … More ››

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