Aix-Geneva nexus offers dynamic x-border ops 

FABEC members DSNA and Skyguide have implemented a new interface between the control centres of Marseille and Geneva in October. Thanks to a new set … More ››

Slovenian ADaaS completes all shadow ops

Air traffic controllers at Slovenia Control’s Ljubljana Area Control Centre have successfully completed shadow operations in Slovenian airspace using data processed remotely at Eurocontrol’s Maastricht … More ››

NATS, Altran partnering on next generation conflict detection tool

UK air traffic services provider NATS has awarded Altran the contract for the development of FourSight, a next generation air traffic conflict detection tool. FourSight … More ››

Unmanned flying is the future: Europe’s pilots

Drone, airline and helicopter pilots have much more in common than just the same airspace, according to the conclusions generated by the first workshop for manned and unmanned aviation pilots, … More ››

A4E estimates impact of French ATC strikes

European airlines have hit out against the latest impact of the latest raft of industrial action by striking French controllers. A4E estimated that at least … More ››

New simulations highlight potential for more efficient airport runway operations

Airport operations at some of Europe’s busiest airports have the potential to be made even more efficient. At least that’s what simulations hosted by NATS … More ››

CHC, Leonardo & SKYTRAC cooperate on global real-time inflight safety data transfer

CHC Helicopter, in collaboration with Leonardo and SKYTRAC, have successfully completed testing of a real-time Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) and cockpit Electronic Flight … More ››

Operation Irma

With Hurricane Irma closing in, Automatic Dependent Surveillance–Broadcast (ADS-B) played a significant role in the seamless pre-dawn evacuation of 62 Embry Riddle University training aircraft … More ››

Airservices details Sydney software glitch

Airservices has confirmed that operations were hit by a software issue affecting Sydney Airport’s air traffic control and management system, resulting in major disruptions to … More ››

ATC strikes, bad weather exacerbated Irish carrier Ryanair’s rostering woes

Irish low cost carrier Ryanair’s pilot rostering system looks largely to blame for its decision to cancel a huge number of its scheduled services although the … More ››