UK holiday getaway putting airspace under greater pressure as records set to be broken

The demand for flying is expected to reach new levels today, according to the UK’s NATS as many schools now breaking up for the holidays. … More ››

Netherlands Airspace Vision achieves civil-military integration in Dutch upper airspace

Air traffic controllers at Eurocontrol’s Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre (MUAC) are now providing air traffic control services to both civil and military customers in … More ››

No end in sight for airspace impact of Qatar rift

The huge spike in aircraft using Iranian airspace may increase even further unless a political solution is found, reports Aimée Turner & Ali Akbarian. Qatar … More ››

Brussels limiting fundamental rights: ATCEUC

European union chiefs have denounced Brussels’ preferred ways of offsetting the impact of future strike action by air traffic controllers. The recommendations proposed in the European … More ››

LHR refining steeper 3.2 degree approach

London Heathrow airport is conducting a second trial of a slightly steeper approach angle for aircraft landing – one of 10 practical steps it is … More ››

IATA debuts virtual ground ops training platform

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) launched RampVR, the industry’s first virtual reality (VR) training platform for ground operations, at a ground handling conference in … More ››

Eurocontrol integrates R&S direction finding

Eurocontrol has integrated Rohde & Schwarz ATC direction finding technology into its deployment of an advanced safety technology system To enhance the performance of air traffic … More ››

Italy’s ENAV flight efficiency initiative delivers

Italy’s Free Route programme launched last December generated savings of 4 million kg of fuel and 1 million flown kilometres within just 24 days. The … More ››

New sectors to improve MUAC traffic handling 

A new three-layer sector configuration has been implemented in the upper airspace covering the south of Belgium, Luxembourg, the south of the Netherlands and adjacent … More ››

UK greenlights Gatwick ‘Route 4’ departure

British aviation authorities have approved a revised departure route at the UK’s second largest airport. Route 4 is a westerly runway departure route flies close to areas of … More ››