UK greenlights Gatwick ‘Route 4’ departure

British aviation authorities have approved a revised departure route at the UK’s second largest airport. Route 4 is a westerly runway departure route flies close to areas of … More ››

FABEC direct routings save users €352m

Pilots are benefiting daily from direct routings delivered by air traffic controllers while they’re actually flying. With these ‘tactical directs’, controllers are eliminating a source … More ››

LFV works on increasing sustainable ATM

Using data from LFV, FOI (the Swedish Defence Research Agency) has been able to improve calculations of the environmental impact of aviation. At the same … More ››

Air Transat to test fuel-saving taxiing system

Canadian holiday airline Air Transat has agreed to offer Gibraltar-based WheelTug access to one of its Boeing 737 aircraft for development and testing purposes. The … More ››

Environmental impact of space-based ADS-B surveillance tech a ‘win-win’ for airlines, society

A new report based on academic research claims potential savings in global aviation carbon emissions through using space-based automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) technology in remote and … More ››

Perfect arrivals generate hefty fuel savings

A consortium of European air navigation service providers (ANSPs) and airlines has optimised arrival flows to nine airports in Europe. A total of 11,467 demonstration … More ››

UK needs urgent airspace overhaul: NATS

An industry coalition representing airports, airlines and air traffic control is warning of major flight delays unless widespread changes can be made to UK airspace. … More ››

Noise concerns dominate Edinburgh airspace change proposals in listening bid

Proposals to change flight paths above Edinburgh to boost operational benefits while minimising community impact have been greeted with concern by people wary of the … More ››

Capital Express shrinks carbon footprint

The new ‘Capital Express’ service between Singapore, Canberra and Wellington has today been unveiled as the newest addition to the Asia South Pacific Initiative to … More ››

France, NASA to research aircraft noise impact

NASA and France´s Office National d´Etudes et de Recherches Aerospatiales (ONERA) are to collaborate on research that focuses on mitigating the effects of civil air transportation … More ››