Flight data details Air Canada SFO near-miss

VIDEO Data provided by FlightAware showing the position of the four aircraft on the taxiway of a San Francisco airport show how close an Air Canada aircraft came to … More ››

Estonian CAA signs IATA safety audit deal

The Estonian Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and airline industry body IATA have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the sharing of safety information. Under … More ››

Air Canada in potentially lethal SFO near miss

US aviation authorities are investigating a near miss at a San Francisco airport after an Air Canada aircraft almost landed on a taxiway rather than the runway, … More ››

WMO, IATA team on weather data gathering

The World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) has held talks and entered into a new working arrangement with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) on the operation … More ››

Pilots warn of potential for drone to cause aircraft disaster, after London Gatwick airport incident

A drone flying close to aircraft at Gatwick causing flying to stop twice has prompted the UK pilots’ association to renew calls for better regulation … More ››

Airbus debuts new fixed, deployable recorders

Airbus is to implement new fixed and deployable flight recorders for Airbus’ aircraft programmes, in collaboration with L3 Technologies. The new devices will come in … More ››

SITAONAIR, Teledyne join on ACARS service

SITAONAIR and Teledyne Controls are joining forces to deliver the aviation industry’s first-ever airline-integrated ACARS datalink terrestrial cellular service. This new partnership – announced today between SITAONAIR, … More ››

Rockwell Collins, Airbus introduce first ‘self-reporting’ flight tracking solution for A350 XWB

Rockwell Collins has teamed with Airbus to introduce a new onboard aircraft tracking solution. The solution monitors aircraft information to detect and alert when abnormal flight … More ››

Airline industry chief urges partnership approach to new national planning strategies for Europe

The international airline industry is demanding a fundamentally different approach embracing an all-inclusive partnership ethos in which airlines and air navigation service providers would form the … More ››

Social dialogue key to solving European strikes

People travelling through European airspace suffered from strike-related disruption equivalent to more than a full year since 2003, according to a new best practice report … More ››