BHANSA opens new Banja Luka control centre

BHANSA has officially launched operations at its new area control centre at Banja Luka.

At the launch celebration at Banja Luka International airport in Mahovljani, BHANSA general manager Davorin Primorac said that this was another step forward in the process of taking responsibility in the provision of air navigation services for the entire airspace of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“Our primary goal is the smooth, safe and efficient performance of the air traffic in our airspace. The opening of flight control Banja Luka represents another step toward that goal,” said Primorac at the opening of the centre.

“As an active participant in the implementation of the Single European Sky initiative, which aims to increase the capacity of air transport on the territory of Europe, BHANSA counts itself as an equal partner in the building of a single system of air traffic control,” Primorac pointed out.

Banja Luka ACC manager Dijana Majstorovic noted that on 13 November 2014, BHANSA took control of the airspace over the state up to 10,000 metres.

“Because of the lack of staff, the Banja Luka centre is currently working only eight hours per day. At that time we cover the area over the whole country up to 8,500 metres, while the centre in Sarajevo at that time is controlling airspace from 8,500 to 10,000 metres”, Majstorovic said.

She added that BHANSA plans to train the necessary number of controllers in the future, and to take control over the entire area up to 20,000 metres. When this happens, the Banja Luka ACC will take the control over the sky to 10,000 metres around the clock.



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