Rockwell Collins TCAS II gets FAA nod

Rockwell Collins’ next-generation Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance (TCAS II) traffic computer TTR-2100 system for air transport aircraft has achieved Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification.

The new system, which enables NextGen traffic surveillance in a lighter and more capable unit, is now available for Boeing aircraft as a forward-fit and retrofit solution, with Airbus and other aircraft types soon to follow.

Rockwell Collins’ TTR-2100 reliably enables TCAS II operations and future Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) In applications using a common traffic computer architecture, which reduces weight and enables more capabilities compared to previous-generation systems.

“Today’s announcement signifies the complete refresh of our TCAS product line and the work we’ve done brings new value to customers in multiple market segments,” said Steve Timm, vice president and general manager, Air Transport Systems for Rockwell Collins.

With the certification of the TTR-2100, and soon-to-be certified TTR-4100 for helicopters and business and regional aircraft, Rockwell Collins will have completely transformed its TCAS/surveillance product line to meet the emerging requirements of NextGen airspace. The transformation began with the Integrated Surveillance System (ISS-2100) for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which integrated weather radar, TCAS, transponder and terrain awareness into one system. This was followed by the certification of an integrated TCAS and transponder (TSS-4100) for business and regional aircraft.

“We developed the TTR-2100 using a concurrent design approach, meaning we leveraged surveillance technology from across business units and programs at Rockwell Collins,” added Timm. “This approach brings proven, state-of-the-art safety enhancements to the flight deck.”

Airlines will be able to replace existing Rockwell Collins TCAS systems and install the new TTR-2100 through original equipment manufacturer (OEM) service bulletins or Rockwell Collins Supplemental Type Certificate (STC).

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