ICAO launches young professionals programme

ACI Director General Angela Gittens, ICAO Secretary General Raymond Benjamin and IATA Director General Tony Tyler

The International  Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and Airports Council International (ACI), establishing a global Young Aviation Professionals Programme.

The new programme will identify young talented professionals, with due consideration to diversity, who have advanced university qualifications and knowledge of and practical experience in the aviation industry and regulatory activities. Selected candidates will be expected to contribute to work programmes relating to aviation safety, security, environment and/or air transport, focusing on the inter-relationships between regulatory activities and the airline and airport industries.

“Within the United Nations Common System Organizations, the Young Aviation Professionals Programme is unique as it enables young professionals to complete a work assignment with an international regulatory body, which develops international standards, as well as with the industry partners in the airline and airport industries, through which the international standards are implemented,” commented ICAO Bureau of Administration and Services Director, Fang Liu.

“Through these assignments, which will cover a period of twelve months, the young professionals will be expected to further develop their knowledge and understanding of regulatory activities and the airline and airport industries. The young professionals we’re looking for will be expected to have the potential to participate in, and/or lead future activities undertaken by ICAO, IATA and ACI.”

Positions under the programme will be announced in early 2013, with the objective of filling the positions by the third quarter of 2013. ICAO will serve as the Administrator of the new programme and a Coordinating Committee, composed of representatives of the three organizations and chaired by ICAO, will be established to plan and coordinate specific implementation details.

“This is a ground-breaking development opportunity for qualified young professionals,” stressed IATA’s Director, ICAO Relations, Mike Comber. “We’re looking to directly expose the selected candidates to real-world work programmes and projects to help enrich their aviation sector knowledge and their understanding of the benefits brought by close cooperation amongst all aviation stakeholders.”

“ACI is proud to be working with ICAO and IATA as partners in this programme. Developing professionalism in the industry is a core priority for ACI,” concluded ACI Director General, Angela Gittens. “The global aviation business is becoming ever more complex and for the first time, this will give the brightest and the best an opportunity to participate in its future development from three unique perspectives.”



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2 Responses to ICAO launches young professionals programme

  1. Allam says:

    Awesome, I am 41 and applied for a prospective job in my field as (AIS Expert ),
    I hope they will take care of earlier application to help us enhanceing our career history.
    Well done.

  2. Mooniswar says:

    I am a Graduate in Safety &Security Management. Working as Security Training & Quality Officer at Airports of Mauritius.
    I appreciate the programme. Like to proceed on.