World-first hub for flying taxis, Air-One, opens in Coventry, UK

Urban-Air Port® opens Air-One®, a world-first demonstration of a fully-operational hub for future electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) vehicles

ENAIRE begins implementing the free route concept in Spain

10,000 tonnes of atmospheric CO2 emissions throughout Europe estimated to be saved per day

Eve and Thales enter a partnership to develop eVTOL aircraft

Eve UAM, LLC, an Embraer company, and Thales to work together to bring e VTOL a step closer

Honeywell demonstrates alternative navigation capabilities

Honeywell successfully demonstrates alternative navigation capabilities in GPS-denied environments

Austro Control and FREQUENTIS launch drone traffic management

Safe flying with drones: Austro Control and FREQUENTIS launch traffic management system for drones

Singapore and New Zealand to collaborate on sustainable aviation

Singapore and New Zealand will work together to drive the development of a sustainable aviation ecosystem

Isavia ANS uses Aireon Data throughout airspace

Iceland's Isavia ANS operational airspace-wide with Aireon data

Detours around UA and RU airspace vary based on route and airline

EUROCONTROL Data Snapshot #29 reports on how the length of the detours around UA and RU airspace

FREQUENTIS extends Malaysian ATM-grade network

The Frequentis IP network solution has been extended to the second Malaysian Flight Information Region (FIR) to encompass the rest of Malaysia

Adacel Receives Order From DSNA for New ATM System

Adacel Receives Order From DSNA for New ATM System; Reaffirms Market Guidance