U-ELCOME has 15 locations in Italy, Spain, and France to validate and implement U-Space solutions. 

Drones have the potential to greatly support Europe's shift towards a green and digital economy. Addressing safety, security, privacy, social acceptance, and environmental concerns while creating a sustainable economic environment for the growth of the European drone industry is crucial. U-space services and smart traffic management solutions will be key in enabling drone operations and reaching the necessary high level of integration with Air Traffic Management (ATM).

U-ELCOME is a 3-year SESAR Digital Sky Demonstrator project, involving 51 partners whose overall aim is to support the market uptake of U1 and U2 services. With demonstrations taking place in three European countries, the project aims to develop interoperability and support EU harmonisation of U-space services. Taking into consideration the various U-Space actors and stakeholders this project values collaboration and information-sharing.

Join us to find out more about the research project and what activities are planned and how the project hopes to make U-space a European reality.

This project has received funding from European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA) under grant agreement No. 101079171.