To mark the 100th anniversary of Swiss air navigation services, Skyguide is publishing the "Sky Guide" together with the publishing house vatter&vatter. The Sky Guide looks back on the first flight experiments and sheds light on the future of efficient and ecological aviation. The guide offers ideas for successful excursions, aviation anecdotes and tips and tricks for travelling in airspace.

People have been travelling through the air for centuries. At first only in their minds, then with ever more advanced flying machines and aircraft. Aviation began more than 100 years ago and has developed rapidly to this day.

The Sky Guide takes you into the past, present and future of aviation, tells you about phenomena in the airspace and gives tips for excursions to destinations around aviation. "We all live under the same sky, but have different horizons. At Skyguide, we live by the motto 'beyond horizons' and have reflected this broadening of horizons in the travel guide," says Alex Bristol, CEO of Skyguide.

Instead of a classic anniversary publication, Skyguide is deliberately publishing a travel guide. The Sky Guide accompanies readers into the fascinating world of airspace. A space full of colours and phenomena, full of myths and moons, full of winds and realities. "Reading means travelling to distant worlds. With the Sky Guide, the journey through the skies leads into the space above the land and water of our earth, which extends for around 100 kilometres above the earth's surface," says Matthias Vatter, Managing Director of the publishing house vatter&vatter AG.