As the leading provider responsible for managing Jersey airport and harbours, Ports of Jersey plays a key role in ensuring smooth transit for millions of passengers annually. The implementation of smartMessenger 7 involves seamless integration of hardware, software, and comprehensive services, enhancing performance and ensuring business continuity for Ports of Jersey. The system is set up in a virtual environment featuring one operational and one test system, running from computer servers installed in two separate buildings.

“smartMessenger 7 has enhanced our communication infrastructure, allowing us to interface seamlessly with critical systems including the NATS (formerly National Air Traffic Services and now NATS Holdings Limited) AMHS system in the United Kingdom, electronic flight system, and our automated weather observing system. This improved communication and operational efficiency is crucial in allowing us to manage air traffic effectively," says Richard Watson, ATE Senior Assurance Manager at Ports of Jersey.

“smartMessenger is regularly updated to align with evolving industry requirements. The latest release 7 was designed with a strong focus on cyber security and is extremely popular with our existing and new customers like Ports of Jersey," says John Fort, CEO at Frequentis California, Inc.

Frequentis and Ports of Jersey have previously collaborated on aviation and maritime projects including the 2016 modernisation of vessel traffic services in British waters, the 2018 deployment of a contingency remote tower solution at its airport, and the upgrade of voice communication systems for ATM in 2020.