Today, Air Traffic Control the Netherlands (LVNL) will start to use a new route whereby aircraft that land on the runway Polderbaan will fly around the residential areas of the municipality of Uitgeest wherever possible. This will reduce aircraft noise pollution during the night for residents in Uitgeest, Castricum, Heemskerk, and Beverwijk.

With this new route, LVNL is implementing a new measure from the Reduced Nuisance Programme ( devised by LVNL and Schiphol – supported by the airlines - with the aim to improve the residential and living climate of residents who live close to Schiphol.

Innovative techniques

LVNL is using innovative techniques which allow aircraft to make turns even as they approach the landing runway. As they do so, the aircraft descend more smoothly and use less engine power. In May 2020, LVNL introduced a fixed night approach route to the Zwanenburgbaan that involved aircraft flying a turn around the villages Krommenie and Assendelft. This reduced the noise pollution caused by air traffic for residents in the municipality Zaanstad in particular.

Aircraft approaching from the North Sea have also started flying higher on average as they pass over the initial land section. The procedure which is already used in practice on the night approach to the Zwanenburgbaan (18C), is now also being used on the night approach route to the parallel Polderbaan (18R). The fact that this new route, which involves flying around Uitgeest, is now being used in addition to the night approach to the Zwanenburgbaan, reduces noise pollution on balance for all residents who live under the night approach routes to the Polderbaan and Zwanenburgbaan.

Local cooperation

LVNL developed the new route at the request of, and in close collaboration with, local residents and partners. 'It's good news for residents of the province of Noord-Holland that this nuisance-reducing measure has become operational today,' explains Michiel van Dorst, CEO of LVNL. 'The intensive cooperation with residents and administrators in the vicinity of Schiphol, the Schiphol Local Community Council, and airlines that are making an extra effort to implement innovations means we can reduce noise pollution caused by air traffic.'

Start of operations

The responsible minister approved this route alteration in 2021 based on discussions with Schiphol Local Community Council's regional forum. After that, LVNL made preparations for its implementation, which included publication of the altered route in the Dutch aviation guide. This helped to prepare pilots and the new route to the Polderbaan was incorporated into navigation computers on board aircraft. Air traffic controllers were also trained. LVNL has now implemented the final essential modifications to the air traffic control system and is going to start using the route today.

By starting to use the new night approach to the Polderbaan, LVNL is implementing a new measure from the Reduced Nuisance Programme ( devised by LVNL and Schiphol. Measures which are already being implemented relate to, among other things, a diverted departure route over Bodegraven, the switch to satellite navigation to enable the more frequent use of preferential reduced noise landing runways, and a higher flight path for helicopters over the A9 motorway at night.