Frequentis purchased 100% of the Norwegian software company GuardREC ATC, which develops recorder solutions for the air traffic control (ATC) market. The company has many years of knowledge and experience in safety- and operation-critical applications. The seller was the Norwegian EMBRON Group,

“Our market studies revealed great potential in the recorder market, and by bringing together the expertise of our existing Frequentis DIVOS product and GuardREC ATC, we send a strong strategic signal to the market that we extend our feature capabilities to meet customer needs,” said Norbert Haslacher, CEO Frequentis. “Based on the long-standing international expertise of the Frequentis DIVOS team, we will be able to integrate the GuardREC solution not only for our air traffic management (ATM) customers, but also for Frequentis Public Transport, Maritime, and Defence markets. GuardREC’s goal to make recording and replaying data easy and secure is a perfect fit for our mission, “For a Safer World”.

The new Frequentis solution will provide all standard audio recording interfaces and a complete set of video and screen recording capabilities expected by modern aviation customers. In addition to audio and video recording, it will also provide full surveillance and data recording, including special features like vector-based measurements during replay and scenario mode, which are essential elements for incident investigations.

The integrated solution implements manual and automatic speech-to-text features based on its own engine and necessary human-machine interface (HMI). It also supports the direct insertion of such semi-automatically generated text into incident investigation reports. A modern software architecture allows for easy integration of new data science and big data applications in the future.

“We are delighted that GuardREC ATC will have a solid, future-oriented new owner. We believe that Frequentis is the perfect company to position GuardREC ATC for the future, both in terms of resources for further development of the technology, as well as taking care of skilled employees and ensuring satisfied customers,” says CEO of EMBRON Group, Kjell Magne Leirgulen.

A new dedicated Recorder Unit will be founded with teams based in Austria and Norway. Prior to the transaction, GuardREC consisted of two businesses, the ATC business, which Frequentis has now purchased, and a compliance business targeting the financial industry, which is not part of the deal.