The day-to-day work of ENAIRE's professionals is guided by the mission of providing quality air navigation services in a way that is safe, efficient and environmentally friendly, the goal being to turn ENAIRE into a global operator and leader in the air navigation sector.

ENAIRE includes safety as the first and most important goal in its Strategic Plan, 2025 Flight Plan, and reinforces safety, paying particular attention to the safety culture, the human factor and cybersecurity in response to newly emerging risks.

Since safety must be the core and differentiating element of its services, ENAIRE is working proactively to ensure that its Safety Management System (SMS), the set of policies, procedures and resources that the organisation provides for the systematic and rigorous management of operational safety, attains the highest levels of excellence.

Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/317 defines EOSM (Effectiveness of Safety Management) as the key performance indicator in the area of safety. This key performance indicator measures, at a European level, the maturity of the system and the adequacy of the processes and tools established by the service provider to improve safety.

The measurement of this indicator is structured into 5 components, divided into 13 study areas, with a total of 28 issues being assessed from level A (minimum – "initiation") to level D (maximum – "guaranteed"). Proof must be provided to justify the level reached.

In Spain, the National Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) audits and oversees the answers given by the providers, and forwards its final assessment to the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), which is tasked with ensuring that the process is carried out consistently in every country in accordance with the aforementioned regulation (EU) 2019/317.

The European Commission, through the Performance Review Body (PRB) of the Single European Sky, recently published its Monitoring Report 2020 with the results of the monitoring and evaluation process for 2020 for air traffic service providers at the national level. The general goal of this report is to identify areas of improvement, encourage best practices and provide recommendations aimed at enhancing safety throughout Europe.

The final result of this process to assess the EOSM was very positive for ENAIRE. In keeping with the European standard, the five components of ENAIRE's Safety Management System are at the highest possible level (100% maturity): Safety policy and goals (C1), Safety culture (C2), Risk Management (C3), Safety Assurance (C4) and Safety Promotion (C5).

According to the official data provided by the European Commission, ENAIRE achieved the highest possible rating in all the areas assessed, scoring over 12 points higher than the average of European service providers.

Obtaining the highest score allows ENAIRE to consolidate its position as a leader and touchstone in Safety Management in Europe, a position that the Spanish national air traffic manager had already achieved after the publication of the 2019 results, and reiterated with the 2020 evaluation.