ENAIRE continues to make progress in the technological evolution of its aviation information systems. A few days ago, it became the first air navigation manager in Europe to connect its systems to EUROCONTROL through the continental communications network called NewPENS (PanEuropean Network Services).

ENAIRE, a pioneer in this field, has pushed for this integration with Europe, which will allow for more streamlined and secure airspace management. The use of B2B technology to connect EUROCONTROL with ENAIRE means more secure information exchange protocols.

This type of connection allows ENAIRE’s air traffic management systems involving air control and traffic management, which use data on the availability of airspace, to receive information from EUROCONTROL through its B2B system. Aviation information is now shared through a secure environment, with a service quality that cannot be achieved using public internet connections.

This milestone means greater integration of ENAIRE’s digital and voice data with Europe. To achieve this, ENAIRE launched EUROCONTROL’s LARA (Local and sub-Regional Airspace Management) system in January 2020 to manage our airspace at the local level.

LARA, funded by the European Commission through INEA (Innovation and Networks Executive Agency), provides a harmonised system at the regional and national level to support airspace management. This system meets the operational needs of the parties involved, including civil-military coordination and available routes.

This platform allows ENAIRE to share airspace availability data with EUROCONTROL, the European network manager. This data is sent using B2B communications on the NewPENS network, and notices are broadcast, the day before, in European AUP (Airspace Use Plan) publications, or in real time with updates called UUP (Updated Airspace Use Plan), which compile aviation information, including timetables and the availability of areas and routes, for use by all the airlines.