As of 13 June, there will be only one NOTAM office in our country, responsible for preparing, managing and distributing essential information relating to air navigation to all civil and military airspace users. The creation of an integrated aviation 'Notam Office' marks the next step in the integration of military and civil aviation information services, housed on the skeyes site.

Mrs. Peggy Devestel, Chief Operations Officer at skeyes said, ​"With the merger of the integrated NOTAM office into a joint service organised by Belgian Defence and skeyes, we are once again marking a milestone. This new step lays the foundation for the safer and more efficient provision of information to air traffic in the airspace controlled by us. It signifies the next phase in the integration of military and civil aviation information services that started in 2016 and resulted in the physical co-location in Steenokkerzeel."
In the past, NOTAM information was issued by both a competent service of skeyes and Defence. A NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) is a message published to notify pilots and other aviation stakeholders of important information essential for the safe conduct of flights through airspace, at airports of departure or destination. The information provided includes the status of navigational aids, airspace restrictions, airport infrastructure works, temporary special flight procedures, etc. This information is essential for operational planning and safety and is among the mandatory information to be consulted before starting a flight.
Lieutenant-Colonel Nancy Lesire, Commander of the Air Traffic Control Center (ATCC) base added, ​"Our missions in Belgian airspace are essential to consolidating our position in an international context where we, as Defense, want to honor our commitments. The establishment of an integrated NOTAM office at the skeyes site helps us achieve this goal and represents a logical next step in the collaboration between skeyes and Defense in the field of aeronautical information services. This results not only in simplified and harmonized procedures but also in a more efficient service for both civilian and military airspace users."
Defence and skeyes will now bring together and jointly operate these services, which have already had their separate offices at the skeyes site in Steenokkerzeel since 2019. Among other things, the integration aims to improve efficiency, streamline information management and provide more consistent communication and services to users. This will enhance the level of flight safety.

The launch of this joint service, the official inauguration of which will take place on 18 June, marks a further step in the integration of military and civil aeronautical information services already initiated in 2016 and previously resulting in the physical co-location at Steenokkerzeel in 2019. This new integrated service will be staffed by NOTAM operators - specialists from Defence and skeyes - on a rotating basis.