Developed by Frank Schnibben, Australia's largest city is recreated in detail with the assistance of Orbx's in-house team. A complete cityscape, the scenery captures the feel of the centre of harbourside capital and across the entire metropolitan area.

More than 100 custom points of interest have been faithfully recreated, including the city's tallest skyscrapers, well-known icons, sports stadiums and bridges. Whilst most of these have been created with PBR (Physically Based Rendering) textures, Orbx has added a few ultra-high-detail "hero assets" - models that rival airport terminals in terms of detail.


Custom aerial imagery replaces the default Bing ortho for the inner suburbs, airport and CBD of Sydney. Additionally, watercolour and detailing is improved; the world-famous beaches of Bondi and Coogee look more realistic and vibrant. Watermasks in the central parts of the scenery has been replaced, more accurately depicting coastlines.


Frank has also replaced more than 28,000 primary buildings with custom-designed models in 4K PBR. This vastly improves the type, footprint height and roof types of the most standout towers, residential blocks and commercial buildings not covered as points of interest. These improvements extend far beyond the primary coverage zone - major suburban centres such as Parramatta, Chatswood and dozens more have been replaced.


Orbx Ctyscape Sydney for MSFS - 01 features.jpg


Key Features

  • An entire Cityscape covering the City of Sydney
  • Hero Assets such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Crown Tower
  • 103 Custom PBR landmarks across the Sydney metro area
  • 28,000 replacement buildings with corrected heights, footprints and building types
  • 250km2 of custom aerial imagery - colour balanced and hand-edited
  • Photoreal coverage including CBD, eastern suburbs, inner west and the airport
  • Custom boats and ferries unique to Sydney
  • Thousands of placed objects to bring the Harbour City to life
  • Stunning night lighting, including improved Opera House lighting
  • Replacement watermasking for more accurate coastlines
  • Improved tree heights in select locations
  • Improved suburban centres and POIs beyond the primary coverage zone
  • Port Botany recreated in detail.


Cityscape Sydney for Microsoft Flight Simulator is available on OrbxDirect for AUD$19.99 (US$14.42/€12,21/£11.05).