NAV CANADA is taking steps to modernize how Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) Supplements are published to increase their effectiveness and make accessing this essential information easier during flight planning. By sharing this information with you, we are hoping to increase awareness of the upcoming changes among pilots, aircraft operators, and industry stakeholders. NAV CANADA is also communicating directly with its customers and stakeholders on the topic. 

AIP Supplements, like NOTAMs, are used to make temporary changes to the information contained in AIP Canada, the official source of aeronautical information. While NOTAMs are used for dynamic changes with limited text-based messages, AIP Supplements are used for longer-term changes (3 months or more) or more complex changes that benefit from the use of graphics.  

Moving forward, newly published AIP Supplements will include visual supports, including graphics, symbols, and colours, in a standardized format. These modernizations support increased situational awareness and help keep Canada’s skies safe by ensuring that critical safety information is readily available to incorporate into pre-flight briefings.