Eurosatory, one of the world’s most significant defense and security exhibitions, this year themed "Protect Your Future," saw international military and security experts gather in Paris to explore and discuss the latest developments. A focal point was the increasing importance of diverse drone deployments and their subsequent detection and defense. The AARTOS DDS system drew particular attention from the professional audience. This currently market-leading system can be modularly adapted to various needs.

AARONIA AG offers highly adaptable solutions for all requirements and budgets with its four different variants of the AARTOS DDS. From the laptop versions X2 and X5 for limited mobile and stationary deployment areas to the high-end solutions X7 and X9 for particularly demanding military applications. This year at Eurosatory, hundreds of military and security experts were convinced by the AARONIA stand. The focus in terms of detection was especially on the mobile X2 and the high-end X9 solution.

AARTOS DDS offers unique features in all versions compared to competitors' systems. The system not only determines the position and speed of drones but also their altitude. It ensures high-speed detection of drone activities by scanning the entire frequency spectrum, including simultaneous scans of different frequencies, allowing the detection of all drones operating with radio signals. The drone’s and operator’s positions are provided in real-time by AARTOS. AARONIA's proprietary software solution, RTSA-Suite PRO, plays a central role here. This powerful real-time spectrum analysis software allows the integration of various hardware components for evaluation, ensuring simple, efficient, and optimal use of the respective system.

Regarding drone defense, the programmable AARTOS 360° Smart Jammer was the center of interest. It features an extremely high range of up to 10 kilometers. Furthermore, it allows complete individual customization or programmability of any frequency ranges within 400MHz to 6GHz in real-time using drag & drop. The Smart Jammer covers all drones in the frequency range and can disrupt them either automatically or controlled by the operator.

“The numerous discussions with various experts from different branches of the armed forces confirm that AARTOS can make a decisive contribution to the overarching integration of C-UAVs into the armed forces,” says Stephan Kraschansky, CEO of AARONIA Austria. “With the programmable jammer, we have once again demonstrated our innovation leadership. It underscores our commitment to providing efficient, flexible, and highly powerful solutions for our customers.”

In addition to drone detection and defense, the AARTOS system can also be used as part of electronic warfare. The unique real-time all-frequency monitoring capability allows the detection of everything from BOS radios to radar pulses and remote-controlled systems (air and ground). The programmable AARTOS 360° Smart Jammer can then be used to disrupt these systems.