The 17th G20 Summit, under close surveillance and heightened security, took place in Bali, Indonesia from November 15-16. A primary focus of this security infrastructure was the protection of conference hotels from illegal drones. 

When the leaders of the 20 largest economies meet in one place, it is vital for the authorities of the host country to protect them. In addition to providing security for these 20 world leaders, 10 leaders from participating guest states, as well as members from the delegations of these 30 states.

In the past few years, drone detection has taken on a more significant role in the G20 Summits’ security apparatus as drone technology continues to develop rapidly, prices of these drones decrease, and they are more accessible than ever before. In addition to these trends in drone development, the operation of commercially available drones requires almost no prior knowledge or experience. Resulting in a device with a dangerous potential for espionage, terrorist attacks, and more.

To minimize the threat of these drones, the Indonesian Mobile Brigade Corps (Brimob), a special unit of the National Police dedicated, among other things, to anti-terrorist measures and responsible for the security of the G20 Summit, relied on Aaronia’s AARTOS drone detection system presented together with its local Indonesian partner J-Forces. With an outstanding performance record and capabilities that are second to none, the AARTOS DDS became the clear choice to ensure the security of some of the world’s most important leaders.

"The security and speed of the AARTOS system's drone detection convinced us, as did its excellent detection range. Another reason why we like AARTOS was the fact that an expert team from AARONIA could deploy onside in terms of operating the system at any time," Colonel Irfan, Mobile Brigade Corps (Brimob, Pelopor)

AARTOS offers functionality and performance that cannot be matched by any other product on the market. For example, AARTOS not only determines the position, speed, and altitude of drones, but also determines the location of their operators in real-time. In addition to these features, the AAROTS system is able to scan the entire drone frequency spectrum, including parallel scans of different frequencies. Allowing for the location of any type of drone, not just commercially available ones on common frequencies.

Despite having unmatched capabilities and sophisticated hardware, the integration of AARTOS into existing security infrastructures is seamless. The easy integration process of the system was another reason why Brimob chose AARTOS DDS, as well as the fact that an expert team from AARONIA could be deployed on site to support Brimob with the installation and operation of the system at any time.

"We are honored by the trust of the Indonesian security authorities to contribute to the protection of the G20 Summit. At the same time, it underlines the reputation our system receives worldwide," explains Thorsten Chmielus, CEO and founder of AARONIA AG. "Flexibly integrable into a central security system, AARTOS enables (thanks to Aaronia’s RTSA Suite PRO software) a complete 360° surveillance of the defined site. Furthermore, our software detects over 99% of all commercial drones, even if they are pre-programmed."

Immediately following the installation of the system, all drones used by Indonesian security authorities for surveillance and intelligence were first detected. The drones thus detected were stored in the system as "friendly" so that they could operate undisturbed without triggering an alarm.