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In-depth analysis of the big issues impacting Governments, Authorities, Airlines and ANSPS.

Dubai Airshow: AutoFlight and Falcon Aviation Services announce collaboration

AutoFlight and Falcon Aviation Services Collaborate to Revolutionize eVTOL Industry in the UAE and Beyond

Dubai Airshow: ArcosJet and Lilium Announce Purchase of 10 eVTOL Jets

ArcosJet DMCC and Lilium N.V. have announced ArcosJet’s purchase of 10 Lilium Jets, expected to be delivered through 2026 & 2027

Dubai Airshow: Viasat and Bellwether Industries expand partnership

Viasat and Bellwether Industries expand partnership to include integration of Velaris terminal and test flight plans

Dubai Airshow: Honeywell's AAM flies high

Honeywell's Advanced Air Mobility business reaches $10 billion in wins to help build the future of sustainable flight

Dubai Airshow: Egypt boosts critical airspace communication

Egypt boosts critical airspace communication with FREQUENTIS

Dubai Airshow: Rohde & Schwarz updates

Dubai Airshow: Rohde & Schwarz continues to ensure air safety and security

Dubai Airshow: ANRA Technologies Launches UAM VMS

ANRA Technologies Launches VMS Vertiport Management System for Urban Air Mobility

Dubai Airshow: Eve and Kookiejar to Develop UATM

Eve and Kookiejar to Develop Urban Air Traffic Management System for Operations in Dubai

Lilium and InoBat extend existing partnership

Lilium Announces Partnership for High-Volume Production of Lilium Jet Battery Cells

Lilium and Michelin announce partnership

Lilium and Michelin Announce the Development and Serial Production of Lilium Jet Tires



STH: Development of air transport

Economic factors behind the construction of the new airport

CPK: Enhancing Security and Network of rail connections

The Solidarity Transport Hub is not just an airport – the project also consists of the construction of approximately 2,000 km of new railway lines across Poland.

Effective Modernization for Air Traffic Management Support Systems

Those who work in air traffic management know the complexities and challenges involved in ensuring the safe and efficient journeys of tens of millions of flights each year.

CPK: collaboration for innovation

The team behind Poland’s Solidarity Transport Hub (STH) plans to harness collaboration as it designs and builds a greenfield airport.

Solidarity Transport Hub – investing in Poland

Poland’s Solidarity Transport Hub is crucial not only for the economic growth of the country and wider region but for European security