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In-depth analysis of the big issues impacting Governments, Authorities, Airlines and ANSPS.

The FAA path to climate neutrality in 2050

The FAA path to climate neutrality in 2050

Isavia ANS uses Aireon Data throughout airspace

Iceland's Isavia ANS operational airspace-wide with Aireon data

The aviation path to 2050

EUROCONTROL has released a new long-term air traffic forecast

Detours around UA and RU airspace vary based on route and airline

EUROCONTROL Data Snapshot #29 reports on how the length of the detours around UA and RU airspace

FREQUENTIS extends Malaysian ATM-grade network

The Frequentis IP network solution has been extended to the second Malaysian Flight Information Region (FIR) to encompass the rest of Malaysia

Adacel Receives Order From DSNA for New ATM System

Adacel Receives Order From DSNA for New ATM System; Reaffirms Market Guidance

ENAIRE to install 132 new air controller positions

43 million euros to be spent on deployment of new air controller positions in ENAIRE locations.

Saab’s Digital Tower Achieves Approval from UK Military Regulator

Saab has achieved a regulatory approval required to supply the United Kingdom’s Armed Forces with Digital Tower technology.

EUROCONTROL expects 9.3M flights in 2022

New EUROCONTROL Traffic Scenarios predict 2022 traffic to recover to 84% of pre-pandemic levels

Thales deploys 100% sustainable solar energy ATC radar

Thales to deploy the world’s first fully sustainable, solar-powered Air Traffic Control radar station in Calama, Chile