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Global Aircraft Tracking: The Issues

The growing frustration with the speed of industry efforts to implement better aircraft tracking is understandable. 2014 will go down as the year that threw … More ››

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System Overload: The realities of regular and automatic messaging

Around three quarters of the commercial airliner fleet transmit Aircraft Communication Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) data back to their operational bases. That means there … More ››

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True Heading?

Was the reluctance of the airline industry to accelerate the deployment of global flight tracking solutions entirely predictable? Is it truly committed to a huge … More ››

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Tracing The Future

Steve Winter examines what issues UN aviation agency ICAO faced in assessing global tracking technologies following the loss of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 In response … More ››

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New global alert system to aid future QZ8501-type search effort

Calls for mandatory real-time flight tracking enabling an aircraft’s position to be known at all times are mounting following the loss of Indonesia AirAsia Flight … More ››


Aireon launches emergency response tracking

Aireon, developer of the world’s first space-based ADS-B global air traffic surveillance system, is to develop a global emergency tracking solution that will be provided … More ››

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FSF endorses deployable flight data recorders

The highly respected US-based Flight Safety Foundation is expressing its strong support for the use of deployable flight data recorders or triggered flight data transmission … More ››

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ICAO mulls remotely activated distress beacons

The international aviation community is to examine the option of tamper-proof emergency locator transmitters (ELT) activated automatically upon detection of an onboard emergency. UN aviation … More ››

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ICAO mounts industry response on calls for global flight tracking

UN aviation agency ICAO meets today to mount a swift industry response to public calls for global flight tracking following the disappearance of the missing … More ››

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MH370: A Blueprint For The Future?

The failure to locate the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has revealed the risk of flying through ‘black holes’ where modern jetliners can – under … More ››

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