Single European Sky

Single European Sky is an ambitious bid to reform the architecture of European air traffic control to meet future capacity and safety needs.

Improved air traffic and aircraft positioning and communication technologies, such as GALILEO - which are at the heart of the Single European Sky - offer opportunities for significant improvements in the efficiency and safety of air travel. Visit: European Commission

Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) is the name given to the collaborative project that is intended to completely overhaul the European airspace and its Air Traffic Management (ATM) using those advanced technologies. Visit: SESAR Joint Undertaking

INEA offers €400 million for SESAR deployment

The Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA) has now launched the 2016 CEF Transport Calls for Proposals which includes a budget of €400 million to support … More ››

SESAR DM to lead on datalink services

The SESAR Deployment Manager (SDM) has been mandated by the European Commission (EC) to act as datalink services (DLS) implementation project manager. Through this mandate, the … More ››

Avinor, Finavia agree on cross border services

Norway’s Avinor and its Finnish counterpart Finavia have signed a service agreement committing themselves to cross border air traffic services between the two countries this … More ››

Eurocontrol receives datalink mandate

Eurocontrol’s 41 member countries have mandated the Brussels-based aviation agency to prepare for the deployment of the European Air/Ground Data Communication Service (EAGDCS). “A directive to … More ››

RPAS become new priority for SESAR

Europe researchers are convinced that unmanned aircraft under pilot control behave no differently compared to small general aviation aircraft when operating in the air traffic … More ››

Birmingham receives SESAR efficiency boost with ADB Safegate’s tower solution


Birmingham airport, with its annual 11 million passengers, has chosen AviBit, now a part of ADB Safegate, to install its Integrated Tower Solution to enable … More ››

Compromise reached on Single Sky watchdog

The future of the performance approach that underpins the Single European Sky looks more secure following breakthrough discussions between EU nations and Brussels over the level of … More ››

ANSPs sign agreement on data exchange

Air traffic control in Belgium, Germany, France, the Netherlands and Switzerland have agreed to establish mandatory information areas (MIA). The objective of this project led by … More ››

ADB Safegate to enhance Parisian airports ops

ADB Safegate will introduce a brand new integrated management solution at the French airports of Paris Charles de Gaulle and Orly. As a component of the … More ››

Standoff on Single Sky performance watchdog

The future of the performance approach that underpins the Single European Sky has been thrown in to doubt as Europe’s most powerful aviation institutions wrestle … More ››