Single European Sky

Single European Sky is an ambitious bid to reform the architecture of European air traffic control to meet future capacity and safety needs.

Improved air traffic and aircraft positioning and communication technologies, such as GALILEO - which are at the heart of the Single European Sky - offer opportunities for significant improvements in the efficiency and safety of air travel. Visit: European Commission

Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) is the name given to the collaborative project that is intended to completely overhaul the European airspace and its Air Traffic Management (ATM) using those advanced technologies. Visit: SESAR Joint Undertaking

Frankfurt tests curved approach procedures

Lufthansa together with German air traffic control and Fraport are to jointly conduct tests of new satellite-based approach procedures at Frankfurt Airport. The aim of … More ››

Datalink through all French upper airspace

Controllers from the five French area control centres can provide ATC instruction of frequency transfer via datalink to all equipped aircraft above FL 195 (6,000 … More ››

Neighbour states exploring inter-FAB cooperation

The three neighbouring Functional Airspace Blocks – or FABs – that make up the GATE One (GO) initiative are proposing to study how to synchronise … More ››

Eurocontrol datalink bid hits dead-end

Brussels has weighed in on the contentious issue of how to proceed with getting the troubled datalink project back on track. Download your copy of … More ››

A-CDM fully operational at Milan Linate

Italy’s ENAV in collaboration with airport operator SEA has completed the integration of systems needed to make Milan Linate a fully operational A-CDM (Airport Collaborative … More ››

iStream produces promising trial results

The results from the live trials at Paris CHarles de Gaulle and Zurich airports have proved highly promising in terms of reducing delays and flying … More ››

Europe failing to achieve SES goals: IATA

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has released a study projecting a one million job and €245 billion boost to European prosperity in 2035 from … More ››

SEAFRA scenarios undergo testing

Air traffic controllers and ATM experts from Croatia Control and Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services, supported by BHANSA (Bosnia and Herzegovina Air Navigation Services … More ››

​Avinor to invest in ATM upgrade

Norway’s Avinor is to invest in an upgrade of its existing ATM system, and enter the iTEC alliance in collaboration with NATS Avinor’s existing technical … More ››

A4E calls on EU to minimise French strike impact

European airline industry body A4E is urging Brussels to draft an immediate plan to minimise strike impact as French air traffic controllers plan further industrial … More ››