Single European Sky

Single European Sky is an ambitious bid to reform the architecture of European air traffic control to meet future capacity and safety needs.

Improved air traffic and aircraft positioning and communication technologies, such as GALILEO - which are at the heart of the Single European Sky - offer opportunities for significant improvements in the efficiency and safety of air travel. Visit: European Commission

Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) is the name given to the collaborative project that is intended to completely overhaul the European airspace and its Air Traffic Management (ATM) using those advanced technologies. Visit: SESAR Joint Undertaking

Superbrain to offer big data capacity boost

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Scoping Study


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WATM: iTEC partners embark on SESAR workstation revolution


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WATM: SITA to support Danube FAB datalink

SITA OnAir is forming a partnership to improve air traffic communications in the Danube Functional Airspace Block (FAB) supplementing voice with the more reliable data … More ››

WATM: First European Functional Airspace Block to research Aireon ADS-B surveillance

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WATM: Hungary, Iceland forge co-operation pact

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WATM: ENAV picks Searidge as SESAR remote tower partner on large scale demonstration

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Borealis free routes gain state-level support

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Fulfilling The Promise

Margus Rahuoja

The European performance scheme for the next five-year period would appear to be in turmoil. ATM spoke to Margus Rahuoja, the European Commission’s new air … More ››