Routeing For Success

The live traffic situation on 17 November 2016, the day the air traffic control centre in Bordeaux started Phase 1 of the implementation of the ‘Electronic Environment ERATO’ project.

The implementation of a modernised en-route air traffic control system is not a piece of cake, but when the right ingredients are brought together, the … More ››

Quo Vadis?

Archiv-Nr.: 10 KE 0481-51 | Datum 30.09.2010 | Info: DFS-Center-Niederlassung Langen | Fluglotsen an den Arbeitsplätzen der Steckenkontrolle. 
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Klaus-Dieter Scheurle, chief executive of DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung, mulls the direction of regulation for air traffic control in Europe Not many people believe that the … More ››

PathFinder Progress

Drone Co-habitation Services operates a Phantom 3 commercial multi-rotor unmanned aircraft, one of 11 vehicles in the UTM TCL2 demonstration that will fly beyond line of sight of the pilot in command in Nevada test.
Credits: NASA/Dominic Hart

The Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems (cUAS) industry is gaining momentum as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) opens up the sky to public and commercial drone … More ››

Paying It Forward

09212016_stars_big11_banner (3)

The United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recently completed deployment of the Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System (STARS) at the 11 largest Terminal Radar Approach … More ››

Following On

Flight Bag

Commercial airline pilots who as children played Follow the Leader will have no problem with a new air traffic control innovation NASA and its partners … More ››

Stormy Weather


Satellite engineers have been puzzling over why GPS navigation systems on low-orbiting satellites like the European Space Agency’s Swarm sometimes black out when they fly … More ››

Future Shock


The ‘sharing economy’ is challenging ATM industry norms by bringing new capabilities and blurring the lines between what constitutes air navigation services on the one … More ››

Disruptive Influences

David Vos, Google, delivers the Keynote Address during the opening day of 60th Annual ATCA and CMAC.

What will the future look like, what influences will prevail and how best to start preparing for new business models? Aimée Turner assesses industry opinion … More ››

Tracking Shot


An airline industry-led body is near to issuing practical guidance on how airlines can best manage any risk from the 15-minute flight tracking standard that will come into effect … More ››

Plotting A New Course

US Congress enacted a 14-month reauthorisation of the Federal Aviation Administration in July, without including the House provision to spin off the FAA’s Air Traffic … More ››