System Approach

Characteristic delay states of the National Airspace System, identified through clustering. These delay states have been shown to help predict flight delays in the air traffic network. Credit: Hamsa Balakrishnan, MIT

Aaron Dubrow from the National Science Foundation reports on designing tomorrow’s air traffic control systems On a good day, flying can be a comfortable and … More ››

Stand & Deliver


Andrew Charlton interviews Edward L Bolton Jr, assistant administrator for NextGen, the multi-billion dollar effort to overhaul US air traffic management The task of making … More ››

Bringing It Home

NextGen programme delays  Have delays in NextGen developments impacted your export business? Has your export strategy changed because of these delays?

In 2013, the US aerospace industry contributed $128.74 billion in export sales to its national economy, reports Aimée Turner. In fact, the sector’s positive trade balance … More ››

True Heading?


What will the airline industry come up with in terms of global flight tracking solutions? Is it truly committed to a huge leap in situation … More ››

Tracing The Future


Steve Winter assesses what issues UN aviation agency ICAO faces in assessing global tracking technologies following the loss of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 In response … More ››

All Change


The Asia/Pacific region and China in particular are increasingly important regions of passenger traffic markets for European airlines and airports, according to recent Eurocontrol flight … More ››

Analysis: Regime Change


Air Traffic Management quizzes David McMillan on how the global aviation system will improve how it shares information so airlines know to avoid dangerous airspace … More ››

Riding The Perfect Storm

Unprecedented disruption with 1% of annual traffic lost
    54% of flights are lost overall
    70% of flights are lost at worst hit EU airports,
    Less affected EU airports still lose 23% of flights
    Several airlines lose more than 80% of scheduled traffic

A volcanic ash cloud, heavy snow and industrial action by air traffic controllers formed a perfect storm in 2010 that stopped the anticipated recovery of … More ››

All Systems G-alile-O?

European_GNSS_Evolution_Programme_EGEP web

The launch of the first two full-capability satellites was meant to mark the latest milestone for Galileo, Europe’s satellite navigation programme as a step towards … More ››

Seeking Global Leadership


The British Airline Pilots’ Association (BALPA) insists that global leadership from the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is urgently needed to respond to July’s tragic … More ››