Riding The Perfect Storm

Unprecedented disruption with 1% of annual traffic lost
    54% of flights are lost overall
    70% of flights are lost at worst hit EU airports,
    Less affected EU airports still lose 23% of flights
    Several airlines lose more than 80% of scheduled traffic

A volcanic ash cloud, heavy snow and industrial action by air traffic controllers formed a perfect storm in 2010 that stopped the anticipated recovery of … More ››

All Systems G-alile-O?

European_GNSS_Evolution_Programme_EGEP web

The launch of the first two full-capability satellites was meant to mark the latest milestone for Galileo, Europe’s satellite navigation programme as a step towards … More ››

Seeking Global Leadership


The British Airline Pilots’ Association (BALPA) insists that global leadership from the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is urgently needed to respond to July’s tragic … More ››

Moving Targets


The framework by which each European nation’s air traffic control agency should cut costs to meet Single European Sky targets looks in tatters with some … More ››

Weather Check


As satellite-based navigation plays an ever greater role in US NextGen and its European Single European Sky equivalent to modernise the way in which air traffic is managed, the need to monitor and predict space weather will only increase.

A significant space weather storm occurred when a Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) system in the US exceeded its vertical protection limit and was deemed unusable for 15 and 11 hours on two days in October 2003.

Another impact of solar activity occurred in December 2006 when a solar radio burst in a solar flare was so strong that it overwhelmed the GPS signal at L-band, causing a several-minute-long interruption to geodetic-grade GPS receivers operating on the dayside of Earth.

“En route, any decrease in the accuracy the global navigation satellite signal is not such an important issue, say, if you are 10 metres out but it starts to get tricky if you are using it for precision approaches,” says the UK CAA’s Wells.

Tackling space weather’s impact on aviation is rightfully claiming its place on the safety agenda of UN aviation agency ICAO, writes Aimée Turner. Solar weather … More ››

Strike Report

NOP screenshot French strike June2014

On Thursday at 12.00 local time, the French air traffic controllers called off their planned six-day strike after two days but not before Europe’s Network … More ››

Remote Prospects

web rem

LFV has received clearance from the Swedish Transport Agency that the critical flight safety aspects of remote tower are clarified. With this decision, the concept … More ››

Is MH370 at 36.02S, 88.57E?


A network of independent experts across the world have proposed a new set of co-ordinates as the final resting place of the missing Malayasia Airlines … More ››

Cyber Talk


Millions of devices running the US Army’s IT are vulnerable to cyber threat, reports Libby Howe. Army senior leaders posit that communications technology is being … More ››

MH370: What does Inmarsat ping data reveal?


Since the Inmarsat ping data was released almost two weeks ago, I like many others have spent a good deal of time trying to discern … More ››