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MUAC debuts next phase of vDFL

The Variable Division Flight Level (vDFL) concept has been extended to the western part of the airspace Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre (MUAC), covering Dutch … More ››

NextGen champion joins NBAA board

The United States National Business Association (NBAA) has named Bill Ayer, a long-time general aviation pilot and aviation industry leader, to its board of directors. … More ››

Airline pilots exposed to cockpit radiation similar to tanning beds

Airline pilots can be exposed to the same amount of UV-A radiation as that from a tanning bed session because aircraft windshields do not completely … More ››

NATS airline customers to be compensated

UK air traffic control business NATS confirms that there will be a financial consequence for the company from the delay caused by the technical problem … More ››

Cloud-based A-CDM comes to Gatwick

London Gatwick Airport (LGW) has become the first to implement Amadeus’ cloud-based Airport-Collaborative Decision Making Portal (A-CDM) to improve collaborative decision-making processes. Gatwick is now … More ››

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Paradigm Shift

NATS plans to replace its ageing flight data processing technology with a highly advanced tool called  iTEC-EFDP which is being developed by Spain’s Indra for … More ››

South of England
Learning Curve

December 7, 2013, started like any other Saturday with controllers expecting business as usual. It certainly didn’t turn out that way as Aimée Turner reports. … More ››

It’s All About The People

Following the December 2013 outage, it is worth remembering, lest we needed to be reminded, that aviation is all about the people, writes Steve Winter. … More ››

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