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Frankfurt tests curved approach procedures

Lufthansa together with German air traffic control and Fraport are to jointly conduct tests of new satellite-based approach procedures at Frankfurt Airport. The aim of … More ››

French ATC unions call for June strikes

French air traffic controllers and airport workers have been urged to join a three-day strike early next month. The three-day strike from June 3-5 has … More ››

Irish complete Aireon ALERT milestone

Aireon has completed a service delivery point Factory Acceptance Test with the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA), Ireland’s air navigation service provider (ANSP). The test confirmed … More ››

Australia turns to GNSS for primary navigation

Almost 180 ground-based navigation aids and associated non-precision approach procedures will be withdrawn from service this week after Australia earlier this year moved to more … More ››

Datalink through all French upper airspace

Controllers from the five French area control centres can provide ATC instruction of frequency transfer via datalink to all equipped aircraft above FL 195 (6,000 … More ››

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In Denial

The United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is working now to develop a backup system to be used by service members in the event … More ››

Mission Accomplished

The job of an air traffic controller traditionally consists of keeping aircraft separated in controlled airspace. But today was no ordinary day for Airways controller … More ››

Fire & Ice and Safer Skies

NASA satellite data could help reduce flights sidelined by volcanic eruptions, reports Audrey Haar of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Centre. A volcano erupting and spewing … More ››

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