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Galileo’s failed clocks latest hurdle to overcome

Nine high precision clocks on board Europe’s Galileo satellites – vital for the necessary synchronisation of critical satellite navigation technology – have failed, according to … More ››

Belgocontrol, skyguide team on incident support

Belgocontrol and its Swiss counterpart skyguide are to enhance the support given to air traffic controllers following major incidents. Air traffic incidents can have a … More ››

Iceland’s Isavia embarks on Aireon polar quest

Icelandic air traffic control plans to conduct flight trials in polar airspace north of 70 degrees to evaluate the expected benefits of new space-based surveillance … More ››

LGS, EANS team on remote tower technology

Latvian and Estonian air navigation service providers LGS and EANS are to jointly develop a remote tower technology solution. The joint commitment was made with … More ››

Bahamas strike landmark airspace deal

The Bahamas has reached a landmark agreement with the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to regain control of its airspace. “Considerable progress is now … More ››

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Weather Eye

The forecast just got brighter for US area control centre controllers in offshore airspace who will get better weather information from areas where radar is … More ››

Future of Flight

Heading home for the holidays may fill you with joy, as well as a little dread at the thought of the complexities of air travel … More ››

Routeing For Success

The implementation of a modernised en-route air traffic control system is not a piece of cake, but when the right ingredients are brought together, the … More ››

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