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CANSO’s Ed Sims to step down, leaving ANZ

Ed Sims will step down from his role as chair of CANSO in May 2017, following his decision to resign as CEO of Airways New … More ››

NATCA prepared to fight for US airspace safety

US air traffic controller union NATCA has expressed its concern over the possible impact of a presidential freeze on hiring federal employees and the impact … More ››

US drone integration efforts find focus

The critical issues affecting the integration of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) into US airspace will be assessed through the work of three important groups within the … More ››

European unions united vs ‘attack on rights’

European union organisations are insisting that any support shown for airline lobby group A4E in their Call To Action to reduce the impact of striking controllers … More ››

Talks launch on FAA as Sept deadline expires

The first US congressional hearing on reauthorizing the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will be held today — with manufacturing company leaders as well as FAA … More ››

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Weather Eye

The forecast just got brighter for US area control centre controllers in offshore airspace who will get better weather information from areas where radar is … More ››

Future of Flight

Heading home for the holidays may fill you with joy, as well as a little dread at the thought of the complexities of air travel … More ››

Routeing For Success

The implementation of a modernised en-route air traffic control system is not a piece of cake, but when the right ingredients are brought together, the … More ››

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