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TBS to save 80,000 minutes of LHR delays

Airlines are hailing the introduction of Time Based Separation – a new way of separating arriving aircraft by time instead of distance – as a … More ››

Spanish controllers declare 4-day strike action

European travellers are facing more disruption after Spanish air traffic controllers confirmed strike action throughout June. The strikes, announced for June 8, 10, 12 and … More ››

FAA mulls pilot mental health screening

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is working with the commercial aviation and medical communities to study the emotional and mental health of its commercial … More ››

Airbus airport radar passes first acceptance test

Airbus Defence and Space is to equip military airfields in Canada with some of the most powerful airport surveillance radar (ASR) technology available which will … More ››

Air traffic operations resume at Brussels

Belgian airspace partially reopened shortly after 2 pm local time after five hours of closure as controllers started to gradually bring systems back up. United … More ››

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Clock Watching

Studies on increasing the resilience of an airport’s landing rate have recognised the need to overcome restrictions imposed by traditional distance-based wake turbulence separation standards, … More ››

Mirage or Reality?

Soh Poh Theen mulls the progress of a much touted air traffic management renaissance in the Asia Pacific Europe has constantly lamented the slow pace … More ››

OS web
Asset Value

With LFV’s first remote tower going operational, Aimée Turner examines how this advanced technology will manage to make a convincing business case for itself Sweden’s … More ››

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