Loud & Clear?

Norwegian researchers are looking into data security risks as the European aviation sector looks to adopt satellite communication between aircraft and the ground, to reduce the … More ››

Airbus, Dedrone join forces against illegal drones

 Airbus DS Electronics and Border Security (EBS) and US-based Dedrone are to combine their skills to develop defence systems that can reliably detect and defend against the unauthorised … More ››

ERA launches new cyber security venture

Czech Republic’s ERA has broadened its product portfolio which has up until now been focused on passive radiolocation sensors with cyber security systems. Its new … More ››

FAA planning better mental health measures

A US advisory panel is calling for enhanced measures to spot and treat mentally ill airline pilots in an attempt to prevent last year’s suicide … More ››

Cyber attacks take most businesses by surprise

A new global study commissioned by Raytheon reveals that businesses around the world generally wait until they fall victim to a damaging cyber attack before … More ››

In Denial

The United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is working now to develop a backup system to be used by service members in the event … More ››

Iridium launches alternative GPS service

Iridium has launched its Satellite Time and Location (STL) service, an alternative or companion to traditional location-based technologies to offer accurate and resilient position, navigation … More ››

Swedes hold crisis talks on sabotage fears

Sweden’s civil emergency agency held a crisis meeting on Friday to discuss a number of cases of suspected sabotage involving telecommunications masts and a computer … More ››

FAA launches evaluation of drone detection

The United States Federal Aviation Administration is stepping up efforts to detect drones that fly too close airports – regarded as one of the biggest … More ››

South Korea to build eLoran system

South Korea will award a contract this month to secure technology required to build an eLoran system as an alternative to GPS, reports the Australian … More ››