Single European Sky

Stability Pact

Experts from six European Functional Airspace Blocks (FABs) are seeking new solutions in a bid to tackle volatility in ATM. BALTIC FAB, BLUE MED FAB, … More ››

Tunisia joins AEFMP airspace overhaul initiative

WATM2018 Air traffic control agencies from Algeria, France, Morocco, Portugal and Spain have joined with Tunisia in their commitment to optimise their respective airspaces in line with modernisation … More ››

NAV Portugal becomes sixth COOPANS member

WATM2018 NAV Portugal is on track to become the sixth member of the COOPANS Alliance. COOPANS (Cooperation between Air Navigation Service Providers) is an international partnership … More ››

iTEC partners and Eurocontrol team on Single European Sky interoperability capabilities

WATM2018  Eurocontrol, the European air navigation agency, through its Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre (MUAC), and the founding members of the iTEC Collaboration who include some of Europe’s … More ››

Inmarsat, European Space Agency to modernise air traffic management over Europe

WATM2018 Inmarsat has signed a major contract with the European Space Agency (ESA) to develop satellite communication services that enable 4D trajectory air traffic management in … More ››

Single European Sky steps closer thanks to SITAONAIR’s multi-frequency datalink upgrade

WATM2018 A significant, multi-frequency European datalink infrastructure upgrade has been completed by SITAONAIR, marking an important milestone in realizing the Single European Sky (SES) vision, and … More ››

SECSI Free Route Airspace goes into operation

In just less than a year after signing the memorandum of cooperation aimed towards merging the two Free Route Airspace areas of SAXFRA (Slovenian Austrian … More ››

France’s Gandil becomes FABEC Council chair

Patrick Gandil, France’s CAA director general, has taken over the chair of the FABEC Council for a second time. Gandil has been a key figure … More ››

ENAV, IATA to develop airspace strategy for Italy

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) and Italy’s air navigation service provider ENAV have agreed to develop and implement an Italian National Airspace Strategy. ENAV and … More ››

Fragmentation still crippling €3.8 billion bid for Single Skies: EU auditors call for R&D solutions

The Single European Sky (SES) initiative to improve air traffic management across the Europe Union has addressed a clear need and has led to a … More ››