ESA urges action on space flight sustainability

With more than 750 000 pieces of dangerous debris now orbiting Earth, the urgent need for coordinated international action to ensure the long-term sustainability of … More ››

Space Trash

The seventh European conference on space debris which takes place in Darmstadt from 18 to 21 April will discuss the emergence of microsatellites, megaconstellations and … More ››

Dutch safety probe urges more collaboration

An investigation by Dutch aviation safety officials found that all aviation stakeholders need to work closer together to maintain high safety levels at the international airport. … More ››

EASA and aviation partners launch Data4Safety

An aviation safety partnership called Data4Safety headed by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has been launched to gather key players from the industry community to … More ››

EASA, ICAO to establish new global framework for regional oversight and improved cooperation

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) are lending their weight to a new global framework for regional aviation … More ››

Australia sets direction for aviation safety body

The Australian Government has issued a new Statement of Expectations (SOE) for the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), with the direction that regulatory activity be … More ››

UK language study reveals cheating, bribery

An independent report commissioned by British aviation authorities has confirmed suspicions that many non-English native speakers who need to be proficient at the language to secure … More ››

NextGen complexity flagged as safety concern

The increasing complexity of US airspace has been singled out as one of the top areas of concern for the nation’s business aviation community. The … More ››

Brussels mulling radio navigation safety plan

Thousands of people throughout Europe are using GPS jammers that could stop tracking systems from working – including safety critical navigation systems used by modern … More ››

Pilots issue wake-up call on ‘ultra-safe’ industry

European pilots are calling on decision makers to stop spreading “alternative truths” and instead recognise that not all airlines honour the same safety culture principles … More ››