Flight data details Air Canada SFO near-miss

VIDEO Data provided by FlightAware showing the position of the four aircraft on the taxiway of a San Francisco airport show how close an Air Canada aircraft came to … More ››

Estonian CAA signs IATA safety audit deal

The Estonian Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and airline industry body IATA have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the sharing of safety information. Under … More ››

Air Canada in potentially lethal SFO near miss

US aviation authorities are investigating a near miss at a San Francisco airport after an Air Canada aircraft almost landed on a taxiway rather than the runway, … More ››

Groupe ADP, DSNA-S team on drone detection

Groupe ADP and DSNA Services are developing a drone detection system for deployment at airports and other sensitive sites. Paris airport operator Groupe ADP has teamed with DSNA … More ››

Pilots warn of potential for drone to cause aircraft disaster, after London Gatwick airport incident

A drone flying close to aircraft at Gatwick causing flying to stop twice has prompted the UK pilots’ association to renew calls for better regulation … More ››

Europe unveils its U-Space vision for drones

The Single European Sky Air traffic management Research Joint Undertaking has today unveiled its blueprint to make drone use in low-level airspace safe, secure and … More ››

Irish publish national four-year state safety plan

The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) has published a State Safety Plan 2017 – 2020 which contains safety actions to address key safety risks in aviation identified … More ››

Spirent Comms tackles GNSS interference threat

GNSS testing expert Spirent Communications has launched a solution that enables the civil aviation industry to evaluate the growing threat of interference, jamming and spoofing … More ››

Laptop ban holds ‘potential for catastrophe’

Proposed new US rules restricting personal electronic devices (PEDs) on board aircraft between Europe and the US may have a dangerous knock-on effect for other … More ››

Europe must set realistic goals:ATCEUC

Several European air navigation service providers are facing serious controller staffing problems due to Single Sky cost reduction measures. The issue was raised by European … More ››