Military ATC

Czechs, Slovakians seal airspace defence pact

The Czech government has approved a joint Czech and Slovak airspace protection agreement. Within Europe, the airspace of European NATO members is protected by the NATO … More ››

Germany completes civ/mil airspace integration 

Air traffic controllers at Eurocontrol’s Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre (MUAC) are now providing integrated civil and military air navigation services in the Hannover Upper … More ››

Rimini airport ATC hands over to ENAV

Italy’s air navigation service provider ENAV has today taken over the ATC service of Rimini airport, its fifth takeover in little more than two years, following … More ››

Thales clinches USAF deployable ILS order

Thales has received an order from the US Air Force (USAF) to provide three Deployable – Instrument Landing Systems (D-ILS). These advanced, mobile systems are a … More ››

Eurocontrol loans LARA tool to ICAO

Eurocontrol is to provide a demonstration version of the LARA (Local and Sub-Regional ASM Support System) airspace management tool to ICAO. LARA enables both civil and … More ››

Saab to provide USN ATC radar systems 

Saab Defense and Security USA has received an order from the US Navy to provide the AN/SPN-50 (V)1 Shipboard Air Traffic Radar. The first award … More ››

DARPA’s Dragnet to monitor drones over cities

DARPA, the Pentagon’s research arm, is developing technology to provide persistent, wide-area surveillance of all unmanned aerial systems operating below 1,000 feet in crowded urban areas. … More ››

Cambridge Pixel tapped for £44m RN upgrade

Cambridge Pixel has been selected by Lockheed Martin Integrated Systems UK to supply software modules for radar scan conversion, target tracking and radar fusion, for … More ››

Solar flare caused 1967 Cold War scare

A powerful solar storm 1967 may well have triggered a crisis between the US and the USSR if not for the USAF space weather monitoring programme, … More ››

In The Navy

US Navy air traffic controllers now have a state-of-the-art tower simulator which will allow them to conduct realistic training in control tower operations and procedures … More ››