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On Track?

Exactly how airlines will be persuaded to comply with imminent industry proposals designed to improve aircraft tracking throughout the global fleet remains unclear, writes Aimée … More ››

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FAA updates NOTAM format for conflict zones

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has announced new notice to airmen (NOTAM) header formats for conflict zones and international crisis situations. New NOTAMs will … More ››

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Malaysia urges global rules for aircraft tracking, data sharing

Malaysia is pushing for the mandatory implementation of real-time aircraft tracking and the sharing of safety critical information over conflict zones at the International Civil … More ››

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US chief pledges contingency, security probe

The US chief in charge of the nation’s air traffic control has pledged a review of current level of contingency in the wake of the … More ››

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True Heading?

What will the airline industry come up with in terms of global flight tracking solutions? Is it truly committed to a huge leap in situation … More ››

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Industry mulls real-time distress tracking

Global aviation is looking at ways to broadcast automatic alerts once an aircraft goes off course through an escalating series of triggered alarms. Speaking at … More ››

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Tracing The Future

Steve Winter assesses what issues UN aviation agency ICAO faces in assessing global tracking technologies following the loss of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 In response … More ››

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Analysis: Regime Change

Air Traffic Management quizzes David McMillan on how the global aviation system will improve how it shares information so airlines know to avoid dangerous airspace … More ››

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ICAO task force details conflict zone measures

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has concluded its second two-day meeting in as many weeks of the Task Force on Risks to Civil Aviation … More ››

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ICAO to set up security task force

The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) is to set up a senior level task force, composed of state and industry experts, to address civil aviation … More ››

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