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Airline pilots exposed to cockpit radiation similar to tanning beds

Airline pilots can be exposed to the same amount of UV-A radiation as that from a tanning bed session because aircraft windshields do not completely … More ››

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Xsight activates remote bird deterrent

Xsight Systems has launched a new innovative capability of its BirdWize remotely activated auditory deterrence that allows airports to manage runway bird hazards from an … More ››

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VIDEO: Turbulence hits AA flight to Dallas

An aircraft flying to the US was forced to make an emergency landing in Tokyo on December 16 after several people were injured by severe … More ››

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It’s All About The People

Following the December 2013 outage, it is worth remembering, lest we needed to be reminded, that aviation is all about the people, writes Steve Winter. … More ››


Mystery LHR drone of ‘considerable concern’

Further details of the near-miss involving a commercial airliner preparing to land at London Heathrow airport and a quadcopter flown by a hobbyist have emerged … More ››

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British Airways A320 identified as LHR drone near-miss aircraft

The aircraft that came close to hitting an unidentified drone as it landed at London Heathrow airport has been confirmed as a British Airways Airbus … More ››

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EASA launches probe into military activity

European aviation safety experts have been tasked by Brussels to investigate a series of near misses between passenger and military aircraft whose transponders had been … More ››

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On Track?

Exactly how airlines will be persuaded to comply with imminent industry proposals designed to improve aircraft tracking throughout the global fleet remains unclear, writes Aimée … More ››

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Canadian safety experts review ATSB methods

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) has released its independent peer review of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau’s (ATSB) air investigation methodologies and processes. … More ››

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New NZ rules proposed for unmanned aircraft

Industry will soon have its say on proposed rules governing how unmanned aircraft will operate in New Zealand airspace. Commonly known as UAVs, drones or … More ››

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