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In Denial

The United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is working now to develop a backup system to be used by service members in the event … More ››

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Australia turns to GNSS for primary navigation

Almost 180 ground-based navigation aids and associated non-precision approach procedures will be withdrawn from service this week after Australia earlier this year moved to more … More ››

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Iridium launches alternative GPS service

Iridium has launched its Satellite Time and Location (STL) service, an alternative or companion to traditional location-based technologies to offer accurate and resilient position, navigation … More ››

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GSA launches awards for Galileo Initial Services

Europe’s satellite navigation agency GSA is looking for the best ideas and applications that leverage Galileo’s Initial Services. The GSA is accepting applications for its … More ››

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Space Bound

A team of European mission control experts will be watching closely next week when two Galileo satellites are boosted into space, ready to shepherd the … More ››

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Indra Navia wins Boeing GBAS contract

Indra Navia has been awarded a contract to supply a NORMARC Ground Based Augmentation System (GBAS) to Boeing for use during flight test operations. GBAS … More ››

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CAT1 ILS lookalike EGNOS LPV 200 approach debuts at CdG

The first LPV-200 approaches have been implemented at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport launching such approaches in Europe. The frst approach on May 3 follows … More ››

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South Korea to build eLoran system

South Korea will award a contract this month to secure technology required to build an eLoran system as an alternative to GPS, reports the Australian … More ››

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IATA questions India’s SBAS mandate

Airline industry body IATA has called into question the infrastructure provisions of India’s draft civil aviation plan. Indian aviation faces huge demands on its aviation … More ››


GPS OCX passes first qualification test

Raytheon last week passed the first formal qualification test milestone for the U.S. Air Force’s Global Positioning System Next Generation Operational Control System. Known simply … More ››

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