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Belgium mulls full merger of civil/military ATC

Belgian air traffic control has confirmed it is in talks with the air arm of the Belgian Armed Forces over forging far closer operational links  … More ››

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MIDCAS hails RPAS integration progress

The MIDCAS (Mid Air Collision Avoidance System) consortium together with the European Defence Agency (EDA) have now completed flight test and simulation campaigns conducted as … More ››

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Brussels retracts report on Baltic incidents

European news service is reporting that the European Commission has retracted a press release detailing a European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) study on incidents … More ››

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NATS secures QinetiQ contract renewal

UK based air traffic services provider NATS has been awarded a seven year contract extension to continue its work with QinetiQ, the defence technology company … More ››

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Gaining Ground

Justin Oakes from the 66th Air Base reports on how the D-RAPCON air traffic control radar system is gaining ground with developmental testing in sight. … More ››

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Thales embarks on OneSky programme

Thales has now entered into an advanced work contract arrangement to develop Australia’s OneSKY programme, integrating civil and military air traffic control into a single … More ››

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Pole Position

Delays in high profile upgrades in Europe and the US have pushed Australia’s Airservices into pole position in the global quest to implement new generation … More ››

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Thales Australia clinches OneSky contract

Thales Australia has been chosen to commence work with Airservices Australia and the Royal Australian Air Force on the development of a single civil-military air … More ››

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Surveillance data losses prompt calls to rationalise central European radar network

An overload of the radar surveillance system in central Europe caused aircraft to vanish off controllers’ screens this summer, a safety probe has revealed. Air … More ››

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Thales is in the lead on OneSky deal

Airservices chief executive Margaret Staib reports that the common air traffic management system is on track to start in 2015 The bidding war to command an influential … More ››

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