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LHR mulls cuts to domestic passenger charges

Domestic passenger charges for airlines flying from London Heathrow airport could be reduced by a third to $29, under new proposals announced today by the … More ››

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Metron, IATA, APEC partner to reduce emissions

Metron Aviation has been chosen by the United States Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) to assess air traffic management operations – and their impact on … More ››

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NATS regrets flight path change noise impact

NATS has apologised to Heathrow airport chiefs for not highlighting an operational change to air traffic control which has affected some of the same communities … More ››

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HungaroControl HUFRA to save $3m in fuel

HungaroControl will be the first air traffic services provider in Europe to abolish the entire fixed flight route network, thus enabling aircraft to use the … More ››

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NATS chalks up 1m tonnes of CO2 savings

Up to 1m tonnes of aviation related CO2 is now being saved each year, according to figures released today by air traffic services company, NATS. … More ››

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Was climate change to blame for QZ8501?

The airline chief whose aircraft crashed on Sunday killing 155 passengers and seven crew has suggested that extreme weather caused by climate change could have … More ››

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NASA ASTAR software to enhance efficiency

NASA researchers have launched flight tests of computer software that shows promise in improving flight efficiency and reducing environmental impacts of aircraft, especially on communities … More ››

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FRAMaK makes significant savings on routes

The network of cross-border routes available as a flight plan option has expanded considerably, creating a large-scale free route airspace over Belgium, most of Germany, … More ››

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Chinese eye Honeywell, Safran electric taxi

Honeywell and Safran have teamed with China Aviation Energy & Emission Solutions to evaluate the benefits of the partners’ EGTS electric taxiing solution for Chinese … More ››

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NATS unveils real-time flight efficiency tool

Air traffic controllers are now able to analyse the environmental efficiency of flights in near real-time, thanks to a new tool developed by NATS. The … More ››

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