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FAA launches datacomm messaging at Newark

NextGen technology is helping to keep departing aircraft on schedule using datalink technology as they fly out of Newark, New Jersey, into some of the … More ››

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LFV selects Airtel data link comms test system

Swedish air traffic control LFV is now using Airtel ATN’s CPDLC test systems. CPDLC (Controller Pilot Data Link Communications) is a type of text message … More ››

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InFlight Labs field tamper-proof solution

InFlight Labs is developing a series of tamper-proof smart avionics that will police key avionics during all phases of flight, providing a real-time air-to-ground avionics … More ››

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HungaroControl selects Airtel CPDLC router

HungaroControl, the company responsible for managing the air traffic services in the Hungarian airspace has purchased Airtel ATN’s ground/ground router to connect its Thales system … More ››

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Nigeria selects SITA communications solution

The Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA) has selected SITA OnAir to enhance aircraft communications across Nigeria. SITA OnAir’s systems will enable NAMA to comply with … More ››

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Rockwell Collins to provide United States NextGen oceanic datalink services until 2022

Rockwell Collins has been awarded a seven year contract with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to provide the company’s oceanic datalink (ODL) service to enable … More ››

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ANS CR deploys CPDLC datalink server

ANS CR, responsible for managing the Czech Republic air traffic services, has deployed and completed site acceptance testing of Airtel ATN’s Air/Ground datalink Server (AGDLS) … More ››

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WATM: SITA to support Danube FAB datalink

SITA OnAir is forming a partnership to improve air traffic communications in the Danube Functional Airspace Block (FAB) supplementing voice with the more reliable data … More ››

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Talking drone offers aviation safety boost

In a world first, RMIT University researchers have developed a talking drone that can converse with air traffic controllers just like a normal pilot. The … More ››

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Pole Position

Delays in high profile upgrades in Europe and the US have pushed Australia’s Airservices into pole position in the global quest to implement new generation … More ››

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