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NextGen champion joins NBAA board

The United States National Business Association (NBAA) has named Bill Ayer, a long-time general aviation pilot and aviation industry leader, to its board of directors. … More ››

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Airline pilots exposed to cockpit radiation similar to tanning beds

Airline pilots can be exposed to the same amount of UV-A radiation as that from a tanning bed session because aircraft windshields do not completely … More ››

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VIDEO: Turbulence hits AA flight to Dallas

An aircraft flying to the US was forced to make an emergency landing in Tokyo on December 16 after several people were injured by severe … More ››

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NASA ASTAR software to enhance efficiency

NASA researchers have launched flight tests of computer software that shows promise in improving flight efficiency and reducing environmental impacts of aircraft, especially on communities … More ››

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NASA taps Rockwell Collins for single-pilot ops

Rockwell Collins has been selected by NASA as the lead research firm for its Single Pilot Operation programme. The research is exploring concepts and technology … More ››

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New A3 group to deliver augmented flight ops

A 15-member consortium named A3 (Advanced Approaches for all Airports) and led by NetJets Europe has been formed under the Single European Sky Air Traffic … More ››

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UK flights resume after Swanwick glitch

Airspace capacity over the United Kingdom has been restored following a computer failure which grounded hundreds of flights although airlines are warning passengers that there … More ››

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IATA: no ‘silver bullet’ solution on tracking

Airlines across the world are to be tasked with ensuring their aircraft tracking capabilities are as good as practically possible and with closing any gaps … More ››

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British Airways A320 identified as LHR drone near-miss aircraft

The aircraft that came close to hitting an unidentified drone as it landed at London Heathrow airport has been confirmed as a British Airways Airbus … More ››

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On Track?

Exactly how airlines will be persuaded to comply with imminent industry proposals designed to improve aircraft tracking throughout the global fleet remains unclear, writes Aimée … More ››

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