Croatia Control to host ICAEA summit

The thirtieth ICAEA conference takes place in Dubrovnik 24 – 25 April, jointly organised by ICAEA (International Civil Aviation English Association) and Croatia Control.

ICAEA was founded in 1984. and it promotes proper use of English language in aviation, in order to positively contribute to air traffic safety. It also increases awareness of importance of language proficiency and impact to safety and service performance.

There are around 350 members of ICAEA from 75 states. The regulators, airlines, air navigation service providers, controllers, pilots, professors, English experts and other stakeholders participate on regular conferences in order to  exchange knowledge and experience so English proficiency could be improved in all aviation branches.

Over 100 delegates from different continents will attend this conference, a record attendance. The conference will be opened by Dragan Bilać, director of Croatia Control as well as by president and vice-president of ICAEA, Michael Kay from Thailand and Terence Gerighty from France.

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