Talks launch on FAA as Sept deadline expires

The first US congressional hearing on reauthorizing the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will be held today — with manufacturing company leaders as well as FAA safety chief Peggy Gilligan slated to testify before transportation committee’s aviation subcommittee.

The hearing will focus on “the current state of civil aviation manufacturing, including the economic, regulatory, and general health of American civil aviation manufacturing, as well as any challenges being faced,” according to the subcommittee.

The FAA’s authority will expire on September 30. In the last legislative attempt to spin off the Air Traffic Organization, committee chairman Bill Shuster’s plan to pull air traffic control operations failed last year to gain sufficient support among Democrats and segments of the Republican Party.

Ranking member Peter DeFazio had said at that time that changes to the agency’s certification process – a key issue for the manufacturing issue – were “held hostage to the vain hope that the next Congress will decide to privatize the ATO, which I think is absurd because the manufacturers very clearly did not take a position.”

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