Network Update

Eurocontrol, Europe’s Network Manager today at 05.50  hours GMT provided updated information about the foreseen industrial action on Thursday.

A graphical view with the airspaces affected by the industrial actions is available at the following link: 30th

United Kingdom
Notam A0293/14 has been published, advising that no diversions are accepted to EGKK unless a declared emergency .
EGLL is accepting diverting traffic.

30th Jan: Unions called strike from 1400-1415 UTC.
Following NOTAM refers :

French unions have announced participation to the strike from 29th 1800 UTC until 0500 UTC on 31st.
DSNA requested AOs to reduce their scheduled flights by 20 % for LFPG, LFPO, LFOB for 30th Jan.
Notam A0503/14 refers.
DSNA teleconference will take place on Thursday 30th January at 0830 UTC.
More information can be found on the following website:

Industrial action cancelled.
A Notam A0279/14 has been published, advising that EDDF cannot be filed as an alternate a/d during the strike period.

On the 30/01, AIS/COM and Maintenance staff may participate in an industrial action, some disruptions on those services may occur between 1300-1500 UTC.
Following NOTAMs have been issued for 30/01 :
LP Notams.

ATCO Union has announced participation to the strike on 30th January for 2 hours between 0800-1000 UTC. Notam A0131/14 refers

Czech Republic
ATCO Union has announced support to the strike on 30th January between 0600-1800 UTC with work to rule actions.

Based on the preliminary discussion with ATCO Union, support to the action has been announced on 30th January for 2 hours between 0800-1000 UTC.
Notam A0151/14 refers.

ATCO Union has announced participation to the action day on the 30th January for 2 hours between 0800-1000 UTC.

ATCO Union has announced participation to the action on the 30th January between 0500-1500 UTC.

ATCO union has cancelled participation to the action day on the 30th January. Notam A0173/14 refers.
They will work to rules for 3 hours between 0900-1200 UTC

Amendments and further details will be published by the unions closer to the strike dates, and will be published by Eurocontrol when available.

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20 Responses to Network Update

  1. yoko pagels says:

    I am flying Montpellier – Brest on Monday, 27 Jan, and am returning Thursday, 30 Jan.
    Can I cancel or must I take pot-luck ?
    Answer would be appreciated

    • Aimee Turner says:

      Hard to say Laura but France is the only country within Europe that is planning action over five days. Perhaps look into train travel costs?

      Update: France is planning industrial action on the 30th but will notify times tomorrow (28th)

  2. J Williams says:

    I have a flight booked from Birmingham (BHX) to Hurgada, Egypt at 09:25 hrs on Friday 31 January ’14.
    Is this likely to be affected by industrial action ?
    I don’t know which countries’ Air Traffic Controllers would be involved on the route.
    A reply would be much appreciated.

    • Aimee Turner says:

      France would be the major obstacle. French air traffic control will not declare the extent of action until tomorrow morning. I’ve just updated the network information and it seems action will be confined to several hours the preceding day over most of Europe. Eurocontrol has posted a graphic implying action may tip into the 31st but nothing is confirmed.

  3. Mrs R, Robinson says:

    hi, my daughter is flying back to germany on the 29th january from newcastle to dusseldorf will the industrial action taken by air traffic controllers effect her travel

  4. Diane Halstead says:

    Hi Aimee, we’re due to fly from Toulouse to London on 30th for a funeral on 31st. Is there any news yet from Eurocontrol on the hours of action in France?

    • Aimee Turner says:

      French unions have announced participation in the strike from 29th 1800 UTC until 0500 UTC on 31st. Notams will be published as soon as available.
      A DSNA (French air traffic control) teleconference will take place on Tuesday 28/01 at 1500 UTC. Looks as if you are in the eye of the storm, Diane. If I hear of anything that has changed I’ll send you a message. Perhaps look into TGV/Eurostar?

      • Diane Halstead says:

        Thanks very much Aimee, we were hoping we might just be delayed, but it seems we may not be able to fly after all. We’re watching the airline website for news from them.

  5. John Peers says:

    Booked to fly Liverpool to Madrid on thursday 30th Jan. Will i be affected?

  6. Craig Keys says:

    Oh No! I’m flying from Glasgow To CDG Paris on 30th. Taking my son to disneyland for his birthday.

  7. Veteran says:

    I am flying from Belgium (Charleroi) to Portugal (Faro) on the 30th. Would this be a problem? (I am thinking so…)

  8. ali says:

    hi. i am booked ryanair carcassonne to liverpool on 30th late morning flight.
    are all flights going to be cancelled or specific routes i dont really understand airspace routes. ryanair have annouced cancellations for 29th but nothing for 30th yet

  9. Andrew Benadie says:

    Flight from PRG to FRA @ 07:15 on the 30th. How is work-to rule by Czech ATC likely to affect this flight?