GE Aviation secures ICAO endorsement

GE Aviation has won the endorsement of UN aviation agency ICAO as a qualified instrument flight procedure design organisation.

The endorsement – delivered at the ICAO Performance-based Navigation (PBN) Symposium this week – will assist countries in identifying instrument flight procedure (IFP) design companies as they move to deploy PBN.

GE Aviation’s portfolio of PBN services are designed to complement an Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) existing design organisation by offering full design services or support during the design and implementation process.

“This endorsement highlights GE Aviation’s expertise relating to design and deployment of beneficial PBN paths that ICAO is requiring by 2016,” said Giovanni Spitale, general manager for GE’s PBN Services business. “Our PBN business has been an industry pioneer in PBN implementation since 2003 and GE is pleased to continue working with ICAO states to support their PBN programs.”

GE Aviation was one of five service providers to receive the endorsement, ensuring it can proficiently develop safe and compliant flight procedures. To gain the endorsement, GE Aviation had to verify it met certain ICAO conditions and criteria, including effective quality and safety management systems, qualified and competent designers and published operational IFPs.

ICAO’s endorsement complements GE Aviation’s other recognitions as a qualified PBN design company including: FAA Letter of Qualification to provide public-use RNP AR instrument flight procedures in U.S. airspace; FAA certified RNP SAAAR approval consultant; procedure design certification from the Australian regulator Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA); instrument flight procedure service certification from the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand; and qualification from Transport Canada to design and maintain PBN procedures.

PBN technology allows aircraft to fly precisely-defined flight paths without relying on ground-based radio-navigation signals. Required Navigation Performance (RNP) procedures, an advanced form of PBN technology, can be designed to shorten the distance an aircraft has to fly en-route, to reduce fuel burn and exhaust emissions and to reduce noise pollution in communities near airports. Because of RNP’s precision and reliability, the technology can help air traffic controllers reduce flight delays and alleviate air traffic congestion.

GE Aviation’s PBN Services unit is working with aircraft operators and air traffic management providers in Australia, Canada, Central and South America, China, Europe, New Zealand, and the United States to implement PBN solutions.


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2 Responses to GE Aviation secures ICAO endorsement

  1. Beat Zimmermann says:

    The question is, can it be ICAO’s job as a UN organization to endorse private companies? The answer must be a definite “no”. This endorsement business is nothing but a money generation operation and that is how it should be declared. Endorsed companies are not audited, all they do is comply with a couple of requirements and pay money. The endorsement is not worth the paper it is written on. All that matters for such companies is a State approval.

  2. Antonio Locandro says:

    It is shameful what ICAO as a UN Organisation is doing endorsing private companies. I agree that all that matters is State approval of companies; Unfortunately less developed countries with less resources will simply tend to use this ICAO endorsed companies as they will see them as the only fit ones.

    Its the same case of Infolution a private software company to which ICAO gave an important software for development and now has no support as the company is broke. The tendency is some countries view ICAO endorsements as the absolute truth; when in fact in many cases they are wrong
    like with this endorsement.